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Bali Wedding Venue

Price list Bali hotel resort wedding packages enable you to find a suitable venue or list of recommended venue other than villa for Bali Wedding. The list is categorized based on the venue or view, location, total guests and wedding package price in IDR or USD.

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Wedding Packages

Package For


View / Venue


Jepun - Intimate Wedding Package20Ketewel

Stone Garden - Ocean View or Black Sand Beach

Sandat Wedding Package30 KetewelBlack Sand Beach


Paket Menikah Jepun20KetewelStone Garden - Ocean View or Black Sand BeachIDR86,776,900
Paket Menikah Sandat30KetewelBlack Sand BeachIDR101,198,350
Wedding for Two / Elopement Wedding2KetewelBlack Sand BeachUSD2528
Jepun Wedding30SanurChapelUSD7190
Sandat Wedding50SanurChapelUSD9174
Anggrek Wedding50Sanur ChapelUSD10992
Jepun Wedding Package100Sanur BeachUSD7570
Sandat Wedding Package50Sanur BeachUSD9339
Wedding for Two / Elopement Wedding2UbudPuspaka Sky Wedding ChapelUSD2595
Sandat Wedding Package30UbudPuspaka Sky Wedding ChapelUSD9298
Jepun Wedding Package30UbudPuspaka Sky Wedding ChapelUSD8225
Wedding for Two / Elopement Wedding2UbudForest DeckUSD2727
Jepun Wedding Package20UbudAlun Alun or Rumah YogaUSD6776
Sandat Wedding Package30UbudAlun Alun or Rumah YogaUSD7736
Customize Wedding Package30UbudAlun Alun or Rumah Yoga


Jepun Wedding Package20UbudPool Lawn USD7462
Sandat Wedding Package50UbudPool Lawn or Bamboo NestUSD10621
Paket Menikah Jepun20UbudPool Lawn IDR100,723,141
Paket Menikah Sandat50UbudPool Lawn or Bamboo NestIDR143,388,430
  • Kupu Kupu Barong
Intimate Wedding Package20UbudBamboo ChapelUSD7625
  • Kupu Kupu Barong
Sandat Wedding Package30UbudBamboo ChapelUSD9468
Wedding for Two / Elopement Wedding - Balinese Theme2Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD2149
Wedding for Two / Elopement Wedding2Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD1943
Jepun Wedding Package30Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD5372
Sandat Wedding Package30Tanjung BenoaBamboo Beach BarUSD7827
Anggrek Wedding Package50Tanjung Benoa Bamboo Beach BarUSD10488
Jepun Wedding30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenUSD7273
Sandat Wedding30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenUSD8017
Anggrek Wedding30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenUSD9752
Wedding for Two2Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenUSD2562
Paket Menikah Jepun30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenIDR98,347,108
Paket Menikah  Sandat30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenIDR107,851,240
Paket Menikah Anggrek 30Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenIDR132,231,405
Paket Menikah 2 Orang2Tanjung BenoaBeach or GardenIDR37,190,083
Sunset Wedding Package30KutaRooftopUSD6647
Sandat Wedding Package50KutaGardenUSD7959
Intimate Wedding Package20KutaPresidential Suite RooftopUSD6008
Jepun Wedding Package50KutaGlass House Chapel or GardenUSD8033
Sandat Wedding Package100KutaGlass House Chapel or GardenUSD13223
Anggrek Wedding Package100KutaFX Kuta Catholic Church & Aryaduta


Paket Menikah Jepun50KutaGlass House Chapel or GardenIDR112,396,695
Paket Menikah Anggrek100KutaGereja Katolik FX Kuta & AryadutaIDR146,280,992
Wedding for Two / Elopement2KutaBeach GateUSD2067
Sandat Wedding50KutaBeach GateUSD6885
Anggrek Wedding50KutaBeach GateUSD12600
Paket Menikah 2 Orang2KutaBeach GateIDR28,099,200
Paket Menikah Sandat50KutaBeach GateIDR92,975,300
Paket Menikah Anggrek50KutaBeach GateIDR170,247,950
Sandat Wedding Package30UngasanRama Shinta ChapelUSD5766
Anggrek Wedding Package30UngasanRama Shinta ChapelUSD7650
Elopement for Two2UngasanRama Shinta ChapelUSD2143
Jepun Wedding20UngasanClifftopUSD19752
Sandat Wedding30UngasanClifftopUSD22800
Intimate Wedding10Tanjung BenoaPool side or Beach frontUSD2450
Jepun Wedding50Tanjung BenoaPool side or Beach frontUSD7802
Sandat Wedding30Tanjung BenoaBeach frontUSD6838
Paket Menikah Jepun50Tanjung BenoaPool side or Beach frontIDR105,330,600
Paket Menikah Sandat30Tanjung BenoaBeach frontIDR92,314,100
Intimate Beach20Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD8130
Jepun Chapel20Tanjung BenoaChapelUSD7901
Water Wedding20Tanjung BenoaPoolside with Floating StageUSD
Water Wedding20Tanjung BenoaPoolside with Floating StageUSD3785
Renewal Vows10Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD2174
Intimate Beach Package10Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD3825
Balinese Blessing Package2Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD2453
Intimate Wedding Package10Tanjung BenoaChapelUSD2645
Wedding for Two2Tanjung BenoaChapelUSD2480
Jepun Water Wedding30Tanjung BenoaInfinity PoolUSD8579
Sandat Garden Wedding50Tanjung BenoaGardenUSD7918
Anggrek Beach Wedding50Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD13471
Paket Menikah 2 Orang2Tanjung BenoaChapelIDR33,801,700
Paket Menikah Jepun Water30Tanjung BenoaInfinity PoolIDR115,867,800

Paket Menikah Sandat Garden

50Tanjung BenoaGardenIDR107,438,100
Paket Menikah Anggrek Beach50Tanjung BenoaBeachIDR181,818,200
Intimate Beach Wedding20Tanjung BenoaBeachUSD2795
Jepun Wedding100Tanjung BenoaGardenUSD12438
Jepun Wedding40GianyarOcean Chapel or GardenUSD
Sandat Wedding30GianyarOcean Chapel or GardenUSD
Paket Menikah Jepun40GianyarOcean Chapel or GardenIDR
Paket Menikah Sandat30GianyarOcean Chapel or GardenIDR
Jepun Wedding20Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewUSD6460
Sandat Wedding50Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewUSD8095
Anggrek Wedding50Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewUSD11158
Customized Package100Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewUSD1614
Paket Menikah Jepun20Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewIDR90,433,057
Paket Menikah Sandat50Kutuh, South KutaPutting green or Lake viewIDR113,330,578
Wedding Package for Two2UluwatuCliff-Edge ChapelUSD2775
Jepun Wedding20UluwatuCliff-Edge ChapelUSD6494
Sandat Wedding30UluwatuCliff-Edge ChapelUSD8957
Jepun Wedding60UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD10162
Sandat Wedding100UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD13775
Wedding for Two2UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD2352
Paket Menikah Jepun60UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR137,190,083
Paket Menikah Sandat100UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR185,950,414
Jepun Sunset Wedding50UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD13609
Sandat Sunset Wedding50UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD14272
Jepun Wedding Package50UluwatuClifftop GardenUSD9884
Sandat Wedding Package50UluwatuClifftop GardenUSD10661
Anggrek Wedding Package40UluwatuClifftop GardenUSD13591
  • Renaissance Bali
Jepun Wedding Package50UluwatuChapelUSD10040
  • Renaissance Bali
Sunset Wedding Package100UluwatuPool DeckUSD14215
  • Renaissance Bali
Garden Wedding Package30UluwatuGardenUSD10025
  • Renaissance Bali
Intimate Wedding Package20UluwatuPresidential VillaUSD12036
  • Renaissance Bali
Paket Menikah Jepun50UluwatuChapelIDR135,537,190
  • Renaissance Bali
Paket Menikah Sunset100UluwatuPool DeckIDR191,900,827
  • Renaissance Bali
Paket Menikah Garden30UluwatuGardenIDR135,334,711
  • Renaissance Bali
Paket Menikah Intimate20UluwatuPresidential VillaIDR162,490,909
Jepun Wedding40UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD7190
Sandat Wedding50UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD7893
Anggrek Wedding40UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD9505
Wedding for Two2UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD2976
Customized Wedding100UluwatuClifftop ChapelUSD2564
Paket Menikah 30 pax30UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR103,305,786
Paket Menikah 100 pax100UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR206,611,571
Paket Menikah Jepun40UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR97,107,438
Paket Menikah Sandat50UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR106,404,959
Paket Menikah Anggrek40UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR128,512,397
Paket Menikah 2 Orang2UluwatuClifftop ChapelIDR40,185,950
Jepun Wedding50LegianGardenUSD10166
Customized Wedding50LegianGardenUSD1900
Jepun Wedding30KutaGarden or RooftopUSD7025
Sandat Wedding50KutaGarden or RooftopUSD8761
Sandat Wedding30KutaSpa Garden or Pool GardenUSD7316
Anggrek Wedding100KutaLawn GardenUSD12519
Wedding for Two / Elopement2KutaBeachUSD2326
Paket Menikah Anggrek100KutaLawn Garden IDR169,421,500
Paket Menikah30KutaBeachfront GardenIDR95,041,350
Jepun Wedding30KutaBeachUSD5219
Sandat Wedding50KutaBeach USD6893
Paket Menikah Jepun30KutaBeach IDR70,454,546
Paket Menikah Sandat50KutaBeach IDR93,388,430
Jepun Wedding Package20Nusa DuaBeachUSD5938
Sandat Wedding Package30Nusa DuaBeachUSD7928
Wedding for Two2Nusa DuaBeachUSD2266
Paket Menikah Jepun20Nusa DuaBeachIDR80,165,290
Paket Menikah Sandat30Nusa DuaBeachIDR107,024,794
Intimate Wedding10Nusa DuaBeachUSD4688
Renewal Vows2Nusa DuaBeachUSD2254
Wedding for Two2Nusa DuaBeachUSD3306
Sandat Wedding50Nusa DuaPearl ChapelUSD12604
Anggrek Wedding50Nusa DuaPearl ChapelUSD15124
Paket Menikah 2 Orang2Nusa DuaBeachIDR44,049,600
Paket Menikah Sandat50Nusa DuaPearl ChapelIDR169,834,750
Paket Menikah Anggrek50Nusa DuaPearl ChapelIDR203,305,800
Jewel Wedding50Nusa DuaChapelUSD14074
Sandat Beach Wedding50Nusa DuaBeachUSD15166
Anggrek Wedding50Nusa DuaBeachUSD17273
Paket Menikah Jepun50Nusa DuaChapelIDR190,082,700
Paket Menikah Sandat Beach50Nusa DuaBeachIDR194,628,100
Paket Menikah Anggrek50Nusa DuaBeachIDR229,752,100
Circle of Eternity Package40Nusa DuaCirlce of EternityUSD7852
Customized Wedding50Nusa DuaCirlce of EternityUSD1488
Jepun Wedding30Nusa DuaChapelUSD4794
Sandat Wedding50Nusa DuaChapelUSD6281
Anggrek Wedding30Nusa DuaChapelUSD6612
Sandat Wedding50Nusa DuaBeach or Garden USD14463
Paket Menikah Jepun20Nusa DuaChapel or Garden IDR89,256,199
Paket Menikah Sandat20Nusa DuaChapel or GardenIDR106,611,570
Paket Menikah Anggrek20Nusa DuaChapel or GardenIDR132,231,405
Jepun Wedding Package20Nusa DuaChapel or GardenUSD6942
Sandat Wedding Package20Nusa DuaChapel or GardenUSD7876
Anggrek Wedding Package20Nusa DuaChapel or GardenUSD9670
Jepun Wedding Package30Nusa DuaBeach or GardenUSD6033
Wedding Reception 50Nusa DuaBeach CornerUSD6033
Paket Menikah Jepun30Nusa DuaBeach or GardenIDR82,644,628
Intimate Wedding Package30Nusa DuaChapelUSD9125
Elopement Wedding2PecatuGarden or PoolUSD2286
Jepun Wedding50PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachUSD7769
Sandat Wedding50PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachUSD8100
Anggrek Wedding50PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachUSD10166
Customized Wedding50PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachUSD1488
Wedding Reception100PecatuGolf CliffUSD8761
Wedding for Two2PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachUSD2314
Paket Menikah Anggrek50PecatuGolf Cliff or BeachIDR136,363.640
Jepun Wedding50PecatuChapelUSD9422
Paket Menikah Sandat50PecatuGardenIDR438,016,529
Paket Menikah Anggrek50PecatuGardenIDR466,942,149
Sandat Wedding50UluwatuCliff Edge CabanaUSD16530
Renewal Vows Package10JimbaranAlun - Alun GardenUSD4285
Sunset Wedding20JimbaranSunset GardenUSD8576
Wedding for Two2JimbaranChapelUSD2399
Intimate Wedding20JimbaranChapelUSD4649
Sandat Wedding50JimbaranBeachUSD12645
Anggrek Wedding20JimbaranBeach Bamboo PavilionUSD7191
Customized Wedding50JimbaranBeachUSD2480
Jepun Wedding Package30JimbaranRoof top or Main PoolUSD6810
Sandat Wedding Package30JimbaranRoof top or Main PoolUSD7170
Jepun Wedding50SeminyakBeachfront GardenUSD13637
Jepun Wedding30SeminyakPool DeckUSD7591
Sandat Wedding50SeminyakPool DeckUSD9359
Anggrek Wedding100SeminyakPool DeckUSD13897
Paket Menikah50CangguGardenIDR123,966,950
Paket Menikah Jepun40Nusa LembonganBeachIDR100,000,000
Paket Menikah Sandat40Nusa LembonganBeachIDR111,983,471
Paket Menikah Anggrek40Nusa LembonganBeachIDR147,933,885
Jepun Wedding Package40Nusa LembonganBeachUSD7298
Sandat Wedding Package40Nusa LembonganBeachUSD8182
Anggrek Wedding Package40Nusa LembonganBeachUSD10827
  • Saranam Resort
Wedding for Two / Elopement2BedugulRoof topUSD2657
  • Saranam Resort
Jepun Wedding Package50BedugulWooden deckUSD7887
  • Saranam Resort
Sandat Wedding Package10BedugulWooden deckUSD5336
  • Saranam Resort
Anggrek Wedding Package20BedugulWooden deckUSD7549


Term & Condition:

  • Venues are subject to availability. 
  • The price is subject to 21% tax and service charge   
  • Harga belum termasuk 21 % pajak dan service  
  • Price subject to change without any prior notice!    


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