Bali Niksoma - Customize Wedding Package

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20 pax
Additional Guest (per person): 
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Customize wedding package created for an intimate wedding at  Bali niksoma legian Bali , from this basic package  you may add any services you may need  like celebrant , photographer ,videographer, hairs do and makeup,entertiantment ,dinner reception any many other wedding services 

Wedding Package Inclusion

  • Essential wedding venue on the landscaped lawn garden
  • An elegance white marquee tent 3mx3m or four foster bamboo
  • A fresh flower center arrangement
  • 1 tier stylish wedding cake
  • 2 glasses of refreshing cocktail upon the wedding
  • 30 decorative candles in banana fiber cover
  • 20 chairs with white cover and ribbon for invitees
  • 2 authentic Balinese ceremonial umbrellas in white
  • 2 vases of fresh flower arrangement
  • 2 Balinese bamboo penjor with fresh flower
  • 3 decorative canopies
  • Virginal walk of flower petals
  • Flower pedestal decoration
  • Frangipani and tuberoses flower string
  • 1 chic bridal bouquet and 1 groom boutonniere
  • Basic sound system during ceremony
  • One night stay in a deluxe room with breakfast
  • Special room set-up after the wedding

Term & Condition

  • Venues are subject to availability. 
  • All rates are subject to service charge & government tax, currently 21%
  • Please use the customize tools to add any additional services you may need 
  • Price subject to change without any prior notice!

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Package Customizer

Hindu Wedding Blessing is dedicated for  Hindu follower only, in this case we offer indian Hindu  Ceremony,for those  Hindu follower who stay outside India can  choose Bali for your wedding venue 

  • Priest perform Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony ( Priest from Bali 
  • Havan  and all ceremonial tools
  • Two Flower garland 
  • Holy fire wood
  • One assistant or wedding coordinator 
  • Wedding Text printed maximum 5 pcs 
  • Transportation for Priest 

Christian wedding Ceremony in Bali  is performed accordance with Balinese Christian wedding Ceremony rites,the ceremony can be in english or in local language called Bahasa Indonesia .For those Christian follower must provide the following documents

  • Copy passport 
  • Copy Baptism certificate
  • Copy Letter of non impediment of marriage from embassy or consulate office 
  • shoulder photo size 4 x 6 cm ,bride and groom sitting side by side 

Inclusion :

  • English speaking or Bahasa speaking Priest
  • Paper work processing service to Sinode of Christian church 
  • Religious marriage certificate issued by Christian Church 

Term and condition :

  • Price is subject to 21% tax and service charge
  • The religious services attached with wedding venue and  legal wedding is subject to 50% discount from religious ceremony only
  • All the booking must be booked in advance
  • the document must be received 1 month prior to event



Muslim wedding in Bali ? why not, muslim as the biggist or majoriy population in Indonesia has  their own right to manage their wedding rule without register  again at   registry office. The marriage book issued by Muslim religion affairs is legally  recognized by Indonesian Goverment and some other countries .The wedding couple can  get married in Indonesia if both of them are muslim.

Bride or groom are foreigner,can  get married in Bali ?if one of the party is non Indonesian and non muslim,so then he or she must be converted into Muslim  by reading sahadat and other administration must be fulfilled.

What is requirment for muslim wedding ,bellow paper work must be provide by the couple prior to wedding :

  • Copy ID ( KTP for Indonesian and  passport for foriegners)
  • Copy birth certificate  for both .Birth certificate for foreigners need to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translater 
  • Letter of non impediment of marriage  or similar document 
  • Other document please contact your wedding organzier 

Services included 

  • Paper work assistant to  Muslim religion affairs 
  • Muslim wedding performed by Head Muslim religion affairs or Penghulu 
  • Marriage Book or Buku nikah  hand over straight away after ceremony 
  • Translation of birth certificate  into Bahasa Indonesia by sworn translator 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US dollar and subject to 21% tax and service charge 

Legal Wedding In Bali 

Bali Legal Wedding services can be provided in Bali and the couple must comply to Indonesian marriage law of number 1 year  1974.The marriage can be registered legally by bali registry office if the couple already possesed a religoious ceremony base on the religion recorgnized by Indonesian goverment.Those religion are :Christian,Catholic,Hindu,Buddhism,Muslim and Kong Huchu.

Legal Wedding Requirment for foreigners 

  • Copy passport 
  • Copy birth certificate ,the certificate need to be translated into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator 
  • Absolute divorce decree if either one been married previously.The certificate  need to be translated into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator 
  • Letter of non impediment of marriage  issued by embassy or consulate office base in Bali or Jakarta or any relevant office in your country
  • Shoulder photo  which bride and groom sitting side by side ,need 8 pcs 
  • copy passport of two witnesses 
  • fill wedding application form, it will be emailed to you once the booking already confirmed 
  • Police report about your stay in Bali issued by Police intelegent  office 
  • Copy registration form  issued by hotel that you are stay in their hotel for a certain periode 

What is Certificate of non impediment of marriage 

Certificate of non impediment issued by consulate,embassy or notary is refer to each country`s rule.Each country has different regulation to be followed  on how the process and fee of certificate of non impediment  .Once you got enaough time is great if you can contact your embassy or consulate office about the process.please liase with our wedding planner for further information on letter of non impediment 

 Legal wedding Packages included:

  • Paper work processing services to Bali registry office and religion office 
  • Religious wedding Ceremony perform by Christian Priest 
  • Translation of birth certificate into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator for bride and groom
  • Religious marriage certificate issued by Christian Church 
  • Legal Marriage certificate  issued by Bali registry office 
  • free return transfer to consulate office  based in Bali only accompanied by  our wedding team 

Legal wedding package excluded

  • Any fee occurs at embassy or consulate office
  • Any additional fee wedding in other religion 
  • Legalization fee for Foreign affairs ,Judicial affairs , embassy if any 
  • Translation fee for absolute divorce decree if any

Term and condition 

  • The price quoted is subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • All document required must reach our office at the latest time  one month prior to event 
  • The  above package can be attached with venue and decoration or can be booking as unit of legal wedding only 


Legal wedding service

Reasonable reception package  at  Bali Niksoma with most affordable  beverages package  , includes 

Inclusion of one hour free flow ;

  • Beer 
  • Juices 
  • Soft drinks

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is subject to 21%  tax and services charge 
  • Price quoted per person 

Bali wedding celebration with a dinner  reception at  Bali niksoma with one hour free flow of  beer,juices,soft drink and cocktail with price within your reach 


  • Beer 
  • Juices 
  • Soft drink
  • 1 cocktails

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US dollar  and subject to 21% tax and services charge  per person  per hour 

Celebrate your wedding day at Bali Niksoma with no ended wine  and take  hourly beverage package which includes wine , beer,soft drink juices


  • wine 
  • Beer
  • Juices 
  • Soft drink 

Terms & Conditions:

  • The price is quoted in US dollar per person  and subject to 21% tax and services charge

Wedding dinner reception at Bali niksoma within your budget , the menu start from  US$ 45 ++ person .Tell us your budget and the chef will provide or create the menu for your either for set menu or buffet.Buffet dinner require a minimum of  30 person participant 

Menu : on request 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted per person and subject to 21 % tax and service charge 
  • Price include table set up withoout flower centerpiece 

Photo session is an important part of your wedding celebration  but how to make the waiting time is not boring for all your guest , while photo session you may serves a light pre dinner food like canapes.we offer some canapes  option package for you  at affordable cost .please select one of the following option  

Canapé Menu option I 

  • Sushi roll
  • Smoked salmon on rye toast
  • Sun tomato bruschetta
  • Beef yakitori
  • BBQ gloze chicken wing
  • Curry lentil samosa
  • Crab meat quiches
  • Seafood turns over
  • Onion ring tempura
  • Caper and seafood bites

Canape Menu option II 

  • Seafood croquettes
  • Futomaki sushi
  • Leek and chicken tartlets
  • Burex
  • Pork wonton
  • Vegetable curry samosa
  • Mini pita chicken sandwich
  • Rissoles
  • Eggplant and mozzarella sandwich
  • Beef prosciutto

Canapé Menu III

  • Chicken and mushroom tartlets
  • Ham and pineapple pizza
  • Pastel
  • Breaded fish skewer
  • Chicken turn over
  • Vegetable and corn fritters
  • Cream cheese on teriyaki crackers
  • Smoked salmon on rye bread
  • Mini satay lilit (seafood)
  • Mini beef burger


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted per person  per hour and subject to 21 % tax and services charge
  • The canapes is served pass around 

List of canape option at  Bali padma , please select one from the list bellow 

Canape option A 

Canapé Menu I

  • Seafood ragout

  • Crab meat & avocado roll

  • Chicken yakitori

  • Lentil curry samosa

  • Mini broccoli quiche

  • Mini pita sandwich

  • Cheddar beef bites

  • Mini pizza (vegetable)

  • Chicken quesadillas

  • Rissoles

Canapé Menu II

  •  Mini chicken burger
  • Sun dried tomato bruschetta
  • Vegetable curry samosa
  • Futo maki sushi
  • Honey glaze chicken wing
  • Beef prosciutto
  • Roasted pizza
  • Fish wonton
  • Polenta cake with mushroom
  • Cajun tuna skewer with chive yoghurt

Canape option III

  • Barbeque prawn kebab
  • Pork pies
  • Mini croissant with mortodella
  • Beef sausage roll
  • Mini ham and pineapple pizza
  • Mini beef burger
  • Cream cheese on teriyaki crackers
  • Baby beef root and bocconcini salad
  • Seafood wonton
  • Chicken turn over

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted per person  per hour and subject to 21% tax and service charge 

Canape option menu c at bali Niksoma give you more inclusion  of finger food for your pre dinner food , choose one package  from the list bellow :

Canape option C :

Canapé Menu C1


  • Smoked marlin and cream cheese

  • Calimaki sushi
  • BBQ prawn and papaya ball
  • Golden shrimps and coriander wonton
  • Chicken yakitori
  • Mushroom and chicken spring roll
  • Stuffing chicken wing
  • Vegetable quesadillas pizza
  • Mini satay lilit seafood
  • Ham and cheese sandwich

Canapé Menu  C2


  • Tuna tataki on rye bread
  • Stuffed mushroom cap
  • Vegetable curry martabak
  • Chicken quesadillas
  • Beef sausage roll
  • Pastel
  • Lemper
  • Triangle
  • Choux croquettes
  • Stuffed chicken bread

Canapé Menu C3


  • Seafood voulavent
  • Breaded chicken wing
  • Seafood rissoles
  • Leek chicken wonton
  • Chicken nugget
  • Beef yakitori
  • Tomato boccon and fresh basil
  • Seafood turns over
  • Sausage roll
  • Onion ring

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted per person per hour and subject to 21% tax and service charge 

Light Balls is part of  ambient lighting decoration ,it can be placed over the dinner table set up.The number of the light Ball  is depend on the size of your event 

Inclusion :

  • Sufficient cables
  • Light Ball white color 
  • Mantle and dismantle 
  • Transportation to venue

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US dollar and subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • Minimum order  250 pcs with free delivery  cost 
  • Iron structure if need is subject to additional cost 
  • Order less then 250 pcs is subject to additional  cost at US$ 75
Light Ball for dinner partyLight Ball with structure Light ball dinner reception Light Ball set up  light ball above bridal table

Modern Fire Dance

Fire dance performance is  very well-known in Bali especially traditional fire dance  and this dance performed in many  temple festival as a sacred dance. However for  your wedding entertainment we are not offering you  the sacred fire  dance but modern fire dance .

What is modern fire Dance

Modern fire dance actually a creative dance which need a high technique and special training is required ,play with a fire can be very dangerous and therefore need an expert and well trained dancer.The dancer composed by  mans and women or can say ladies and gentlemen .For the show we offer you a 6 dancers with 2 man and for ladies dancers .The dance can be divided into 2 session and each session duration is 8 minutes .The fire dance use easy flamed kerosene and again need the expert and professional person for this

Do this dance need a special stage.

Special stage is not really need but with a stage is perfect, the dance is preferable performed out door  and accompanied by a music from CD or IPOD .

Terms & Conditions:

  • The wedding planner or guest must provide one space for changing cloth or preparation 
  • The dance performance in two session , one session duration 8 minutes 
  • Just in case of rain for outdoor performance can not be performed and charge is full charge without deduction 
  • Total  dancer 6 person , 2 male a nd 4 female 

Bali tourism is base on culture  activities , the government of Bali emphasis and promote to the visitor  to use  Balinese  entertainment  to entertain the guest either for meeting event or wedding  celebration ,it is  for future sustainable  of Balinese  culture including  Balinese Gambelan and Dance. A great honor for Balinese artist if they are trusted to entertain you 

Legong Dance  performance included :

  • Live  mini Gambelan played by  6 – 8 person
  • 3 type of dances  ( welcome dance , Warrior dance , Bible bee falling in love )
  • 3 dancer welcome dance , 1 warior dance , 2 dancer bible bee fallin in love  /oleg Tamu lilingan

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in USS and subject  to 21% tax and services 
  • Transportation for dancer and musician 
Balinese Legong Dance Warrior dance bible bee falling in love dance

Dj performance  becoming one of your entertainment during dinner reception of your wedding ,we offer dj rob with  western genre music 

Inclusion :

  • DJ equipment 
  • 4 hours performance 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price quoted in US$ dollar and subject to 21 %  tax and services charge 
  • Drink and meal on  event owner  account 
  • Entrance fee to the venue if any is excluded 
  • Sound System excluded 

Phyrotecnic might be needed for your wedding reception especially for an outdoor dinner , it can blasted  during grand entrance , cake cutting cake , 1st dance , kissing the pyrotechnic   stand on for  20 second


  • 4 unit pyrotecnic 
  • Electric remote control
  • one staff in charge 
  • Premantle and dismantle 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ 

Gung Arya photography is a talented photographer which graduated from the english decree  offer you 6 hours photography services  for  your wedding day in Bali,record all your best moment .The photography package covers :preparation,wedding ceremony and wedding reception 

  • One day of wedding coverage (6 hours)
  • 2 Photographers by Gung Arya & Assistant
  • 1 Coffee Table Album (size 30x30 cm, 40 pages, cover photo with
  • exclusive black leather box)
  • Up to 80 edited photos
  • All HIRES / JPEG images returned in DVD

Term and condition 

  • rate quoted in US dollar 
  • Rate subject to 21 tax and service charge 
  • Final editing 5 days (work day)
  • Exclude any entrance fee( if any ) for photo taking in some chapel

One day moment for wedding  ceremony and reception are documented  by your professional talented photography included one exclusive  photo album  abd files on DVD 

Package included 

  • 8 hours wedding photo session
  • Covers preparation, procession, photo tour around location, reception and party
  • Documentation, candid and photojournalism
  • 2 Photographers & 1 Assistant
  • Results about 500 - 600 edited photographs (JPG format)
  • 1 exclusive collage album with exclusive box size 20 x 30 cm, 22 pages
  • 2 copy DVD-ROM contains all photos

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar and subject to 21% tax and service charges
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.

Video wedding  ceremony is one life time  moment ,trust us to record your best moment,with our professional and talented team , work with pationate  to serve you .Candid or posed video  included 

inclusion :

  • 4 hours wedding Video session
  • Covers preparation, procession and tour around location
  • DSLR camera
  • 2 videographers
  • Cinematic video editing
  • 2 copy DVD Video with an exclusive box
  • Video duration min 20 minutes


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price quoted in US$ and subject to 21%  tax and sevice charge 
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.

6 Hours videography Package 

  • 6 hours wedding Video session
  • Covers preparation, procession, tour around location and reception
  • DSLR camera
  • 2 videographers
  • Cinematic video editing
  • 2 copy DVD Video with an exclusive box
  • Video duration min 30 minutes



Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar and subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.

Wedding Planner service is required , do not worry we provide affordable wedding planner services for wedding up to 30 pax ,more guest  and  more complex wedding program  is subject to additional fee , just tell us your budget and we can negotiate it 

Wedding planner services inclusion 

  • Wedding consultation 
  • 1x Premeeting with wedding couple 
  • 1 x wedding rehearsel with wedding couple 
  • 3 Wedding coordinator in charge on the day  from preparation till end of  ceremony or photo session
  • 1 Free  Rose bouquet compose by  mix local and imported rose 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price quoted is subject to 21 % tax and services chage 

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