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Kayumanis Nusa Dua Bali Wedding Hotel

wedding Kayumanis Bali offers some options. Actually the name of  a plantation which in Bali use as herbs or can be also used for preparing a dishes. Kayumanis or in English called Cinnamon but  one of the hotel management  use this name as the name of the villa or Hotel Name.

The Kayumanis it self managed some hotel in different area in Bali. Kayumanis Nusa Dua, Kayumanis Villa in Jimbaran, Kayumanis in ubud. All of these property offers  different  characters but on the same  level of standard services. All three hotels are  very suitable for an intimate wedding up to 200 person guest.

Kayumanis villa in Jimbaran can provide a villa wedding with spacious garden of coconut garden can accommodate up to 200 person, For those who want to stay with all of you family so then you can choose the private estate with maximum capacity to stay of 16 person.

Kayumanis Nusa Dua a Bali wedding hotel, offer you Glass chapel with maximum of  30 person  capacity, the plaza with  maximum 70 person capacity, three bed room villa with  maximum of  32 person capacity, kayumanis private beach with maximum 200 persons of capacity.

If you  want experience a wedding in a cultural  city, we highly recommend experience your wedding at Kayu Manis Ubud. The kayumanis ubud offer wedding venue with 30 person of capacity at dinning corner, Kayumanis suite with maximum  20 person and infinity pool with maximum of  60 person.

Bali Shuka Wedding planner has blended some option of wedding packages  or  just tell us your budget  so the we can  tailor your wedding package

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