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Bali Wedding Taman Bhagawan  provides Indian wedding venue which located in Tanjung Benoa which scattered in south part Bali where most 5 start hotel and villas are located. As a tropical country Bali also produced colorful flowers which can be used as an Indian Wedding Theme.

Between India and culturally Bali has some similarity in philosophy but have some differences of wedding procession. The size of Indian wedding some time invite quite big number of guest and therefore need spacious function area. Taman Bhagawan stand in 1,8 hectare of Land, very lush garden with beach front sea view. This area can accommodate up to 2000 guest. The buildings of Taman Bhagawan keep maintain traditional java building with JOGLO which originally coming from Yogyakarta. Once we come into the area it is feel like an ancient time during the kingdom era of Majapahit. The name of some spot also taken from the epic story of Ramayana like Rama Shinta lounge. Apart from good place for Indian wedding, it is also an outstanding venue for corporate event, Romantic dinner, beach front wedding. The theme wedding is to your request as you like or can be a customize wedding package as well. Spacious wedding premises which make us recommend this venue as your big wedding function. Other reason the access also very good, many neighbor hotel available as your guest accommodation which offer various class and price.

hotel near by Bali Wedding Taman Bhagawan

Hotel near by Taman Bhagwan like Bali Tropic, Conrad, Melia Benoa next to Tanjung benoa you still have a rich selection of hotel in Nusa Dua Area, for smaller Indian wedding size you also have some choice like in Melia Bali Nusa Dua, Patrajasa Kuta all these property are a beach front. Another trend of Indian wedding also Indian wedding in the villa. You may celebrate your wedding in a private villas ,some time the wedding couple use two compound of villa. One villa for sangeet party and one villa for wedding ceremony. This villa like your real private house. You may bring your own catering into the villa. Wedding in villa bali some time involve a function fee, banjar fee. Wedding in the villa you may ride your horse up to the front of your villa till the groom welcome by the mother of bride with a traditional Indian ritual. Inside of the villa both bride and groom family may start exchange of flower garland as a significant of accepting each other among two families and thus time for bride and groom exchange the garland of called Jaimala. There are many symbolical and rich of philosophy of Indian wedding.

Bali Wedding Taman Bhagawan in diversity packages

Bali wedding taman bhagawan can hold any kind of religious wedding ceremony, so then Bali Shuka wedding offers some wedding packages for ceremonies. Indian wedding packages , wedding packages for Buddhism, wedding packages for Christian Ceremony.Usage  Taman Bhagawan exclusively  must comply some  house rule of Taman Bhagawan .further information on Wedding Package at Taman Bhagawan please liaise with our wedding planner

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