Bali Wedding Planner And Organizer

Why people choose Bali Wedding ?

  • Bali has a warm climate, the most popular destination in Indonesia or even the world (voted by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure). Bali is known for its name as the island of the Gods, the island with thousands of temples, nice people, unique cultures and traditions .
  • Small island but has many beach front resorts as a great  beach wedding ,villas on top of the cliff facing the magnificent ocean, hinterland for hideaways journey everything in one island.tropical climate ,only has two season,sun shine all year around . Bali produce many  local flower which can be an option for your flower decoration 
  • Many culural activities and dances can be put as your wedding entertainement 
  • Start from budget until super luxury class. All budgets are easily met in Bali.Various affordable wedding package can be found here in Bali 

Why Need a Wedding Planner ?

Many couples are surprised to know how much the effort and preparation they required for even a small modest wedding. This is why planning a wedding is really a full-time job that requiring a professional planner. Planning a wedding alone requiring much time and patience, start from choosing options, comparison until the testing and evaluation. A wedding planner will finish it for you, taking all the headaches, bad mood and tiredness of planning a wedding so that your special moment is simply become a joyous one as it should be. 

Wedding planner not only a planner, they know everything in every details such as how to work with your vendors to make sure that each components is just the way you want it. A good and professional wedding planner will keep you within your budget without sacrificing your sense of style.

Bali Shuka Wedding - Planner & Organizer

Bali Shuka Wedding, professional wedding planner and organizer based in Bali, we can help you in every details about your wedding needs. Start from the question where to get married, or even what style you're looking to use at your wedding, your perfect wedding venue, vendor contract review, vendor recommendation, just sit down and relax, Bali Shuka Wedding will assist and provide all for you during consultation.

After we got all of your needs, we start the planning process to get the best level of support and services you my require, then the result is a single or multi proposal that meets those needs. We offer an a la carte suite of services and components that you can select for your proposal. Our highest satisfaction is to satisfy our clients and planning a wedding that reflects them personally.

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