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Bali wedding reception or in Bahasa “resepsi pernikahan” is a series event of your wedding ceremony, however between wedding ceremony and reception some time can be arranged in different day and venue. Bali provide a choice of wedding reception venues with stunning view and affordable price, start from beachfront, hall until cliff top. Our company will plan, arrange and manage your wedding reception event to success.

How to choose wedding reception venue 

Choosing the right wedding reception venue is one key of your successful dinner reception.what you need to consider ? capacity of the venue must be considered  to accomodate  the total number of  your guest , the back up  venue need to give attention especially  once you hold an event during rainy season .

Wedding Reception in the Hotel

Bali Wedding reception in the hotel especially in ball room is becoming one of the option of local people due the number of the guest invited are in big number and due to the weather concern. However some foreigners wedding couple prefer celebrate their wedding reception in an outdoor venue either in the garden or beach. If you choose your wedding reception in an outdoor venue, before choosing the venue you need to consider the back up they provide especially when you hold your event during rainy season, the back up can be indoor restaurant or Ball room. Usage ball room in the hotel sometime subject to additional cost. The food of wedding reception in the hotel will be provided by the hotel and no outside catering allowed,otherwise a corkage fee will be applied.It must be stated cleary upon the signing is the recommended  venue for wedding reception : Nusa dua beach hotel , patrajasa hotel , new kuta golf,Klapa,Golden Tulip bay view 

Bali wedding Reception in the villas

You may choose your own villa for your wedding reception or ceremony,holding a wedding reception in the villas will apply a function rule issued by the villa such a minimal stay required, function fee, refundable security deposit, and community fee or banjar fee. For the food and beverage, you are allowed bring caterer into your villa wihout corkage fee. There is a limit of time curfew,most of the villa allow you a loud music, usually until 00.00 AM and after that loud music must be decreased.Some recommended villas : Phalosa , Grand Ocean, The sahita ,Karang Kembar 3 ,Latitude Villa 

Dinner Reception Packages can be combined with Bali wedding ceremony in one place. So the cost is less  due to no more transportation cost. 

Complete List of Wedding Packages & Venues in Bali

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