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Plan your bali wedding dinner reception in Bali attended by your big Family?. We offer Family style includes starter, soup, main course with various option, dessert and drinks. Please select the number of items according to the option provided. Celebrate your unforgetable moment with your family with this menu in your chosen villa or beach in sanur, uluwatu, jimbaran or other areas. 

Starter : please choose 3 

  • Balinese tuna salad 
  • Ayam pelalah 
  • Mango salad 
  • Mixed satay (chicken, beef and sate lilit) 
  • Mini chicken and duck spring roll 
  • Gado gado 
  • Indonesian fritter (corn, soya bean cake, and tofu) 

Soup  : please choose 1 

  • Soto ayam 
  • Tom yum gong 
  • Crab and corn soup 
  • Lamb curry 

-Chicken: please choose 1 

  •  Ayam bakar kecap jamur (roasted chicken in sweet soy sauce and mushroom) 
  •  Ayam betutu (roasted chicken in banana leaf Balinese spicy 
  •  Ayam bumbu merah (braise chicken in chili sauce) 
  •  Opor ayam (braise chicken in spicy coconut milk) 
  •  Ayam bakar Madu (grill chicken with spicy honey sauce) 

-Beef :  please choose 1 

  •   Beef Rendang (braised beef in spicy coconut milk) 
  •   Beef black pepper ( beef in black pepper sauce) 
  •   Beef Cabe Hijau (beef in green chili sauce)

- Fish :  Please choose 1 

  •   Kakap Asam Manis ( Red Snapper in sweet and sour sauce) 
  •   Gurame lada hitam ( fried grouper in black pepper sauce) 
  •   Dory dabu dabu (fried dory with dabu dabu sauce) 

- Prawn :  please choose 1 

  •   Chili Prawn 
  •   Grill prawn honey sauce 
  •   Prawn skewer 
  •   Fried prawn mayonnaise sauce 

-Noodle :  please choose 1 

  •   Bihun Goreng (fried rice noodle with chicken and vegetable) 
  •   Mie Goreng (fried egg noodle with chicken and vegetable) 

-Rice :  please choose 1 

  •   Nasi kuning (yellow rice) 
  •   Nasi putih ( steam rice) 
  •   Nasi goreng ( fried rice) 

-Vegetable :  please choose 1 

  •   Garlic Broccoli 
  •   Cap cay ayam (sautéed mixed vegetable with chicken in oyster sauce) 
  •   Vegetable curry 
  •   Kalas (Balinese mixed vegetables) 
  •   Urab (steam mixed vegetable with young shredded coconut) 


  •   Seasonal mixed fruits 
  •   Assorted pudding 
  •   Mini pastry 


  • Free flow ice water during dinner 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price quoted in US$ dollar 
  • Price subject to 21 %  tax and services charge
  • The price valid for  Jan - Jun 2019, for July - Dec.19 is subject to additional at  US$ 5.00 ++ 
  • To secure the booking 50% deposit from total  revenue is required 
  • Food tasting carried out after deposit for 2 person in the restaurant 
  • Any tent may required for set up food, kitchen in the villa is subject to additional cost 
  • Entrance fee to any venue excluded on the price 
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