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Vegan / Vegetarian Menu Package

For those who love vegetarian food, we offer you Vegan menu for your catering service. This Vegan package includes appetizer, soup, main course, grill station and dessert. Please select the number of items according to the option provided.


Appetizer (choose 2 items):

  • Gado gado - Boiled vegetables served with peanut sauce
  • Karedok -  Sundanese signature raw vegetables salad with peanut sauce
  • Asinan Betawi - Raw vegetables in salty &sour peanut sauce
  • Asian salad
  • Fresh vegetables Vietnam roll
  • Vegetables Thai noodle salad
  • Vegetables spring rool
  • Pasta salad


Soup (choose 1 items):

  • Soto ayam nabati – Indonesian texturized soy protein soup in yellow turmeric broth 
  • Sop sayur – Indonesian vegetables clear soup 
  • Sayur lodeh – Traditional vegetables soup in coconut milk 
  • Jukut ares – Banana steam in Balinese spices broth 
  • Minestrone soup 
  • Cream mushroom soup 
  • Pumpkin soup 
  • Sweet corn asparagus soup 


Main Course Option:

- Carbs (choose 2 items):

  • Nasi kuning – Steamed yellow rice 
  • Nasi uduk – Steamed rice with coconut milk 
  • Nasi sela – Steamed rice with sweet potato 
  • Mie goreng jamur – Stir fry noodle with mushroom 
  • Vegetables phad Thai 
  • Spaghetti aglio e olio 
  • Vegetables lasagna 
  • Mashed potato 
  • Sauté potato wedges 
  • Baked potato 


- Vegetables (choose 2 items):

  • Tumis tauge – Sauté bean sprout with garlic 
  • Plecing kangkong – Braised water spinach with spicy Balinese sambals 
  • Jukut kacang panjang – Sauté long bean with Balinese spices & coconut milk 
  • Lawar sayur – Balinese minced vegetables 
  • Urap sayur – Boiled vegetables with steam grated coconut & spices 
  • Terong balado – Spicy sauté eggplant with sambals 
  • Roasted eggplant with parmesan 
  • Sauté mix vegetables with garlic & basil 
  • Crispy eggplant 
  • Sauté string bean Szechuan style 
  • Creamy spinach 
  • Sauté broccoli and mushroom with garlic 


- Texturized Soy Protein (choose 2 items):

  • Sweet and sour fish 
  • Prawn tempura with mayo 
  • Thai mango chicken 
  • Black pepper beef 
  • Beef rendang – Sumatran original slow simmered soy protein in coconut milk 


Grill Station (choose 3 items):

  • Grill vegetables skewer 
  • Grill corn cob 
  • Grill tomato with cilantro sauce 
  • Grill bean curd with pesto sauce 
  • Sate lilit tahu – Balinese minced tofu skewer 
  • Sate lilit tempe – Balinese minced soy bean cake skewer 
  • Texturized soy protein chicken satay with peanut sauce 
  • Texturized soy protein mutton satay with sweet soy sauce 

Dessert (choose 3 items):

  • Buah potong – Fruit platter 
  • Jaje Bali – Assorted traditional Balinese sweets 
  • Es cendol – Green rice flour jelly with coconut milk & palm sugar
  • Es daluman – Natural green grass jelly with coconut milk & palm sugar
  • Es campur – Traditional ice dessert 
  • Es teler – Mixed of young coconut, jackfruit, avocado with condensed milk
  • Puding coklat – Chocolate pudding with fla 
  • Puding mangga – Mango pudding 


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar
  • Price is subject to 21% tax and services charge
  • Price subject to change without any prior notice 
  • Price include  standard table set up  and cuttleries and services staff 
  • Price valid for minimum order of 50 person, less then 50 person subject to additional cost of US$ 5.00 /person
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.
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