Plan Wedding In Bali

Plan wedding in Bali

Plan Wedding in Bali

How to plan your wedding in Bali  you may following the bali wedding  guidance or  step  by step   Bali wedding planning :

Wedding  Date

Determine the  option of  your wedding date , by preparing some wedding date option . the  tourist season in Bali  can be low  and high season. In General  the high season start from  Julyt  up to August,Chinesse  new  year , Chrismas Periode .During the high season not effecting the cost of the food but  the hotel room`s rate slightly increase . Higher room rate makes your wedding packages higher

Wedding attendees and budget 

The number of the attendees to your wedding effecting the choice of wedding venue , bigger number need more spacious  space  for your wedding and  more budget

Wedding Venue

Choose your wedding venue option  .Diversity wedding venue can be found in Bali , it is much depend on your wedding desire like : the view  factor of the venue, privacy of the  venue . Hotel  venue normally cost less but they have some  rule  to follow about outside hotel  food , cerfew time .Villas wedding  venue  give your more privacy  as the whole villas will be yours during the contracting or  period of stay .the rate  of beach front villas  can be higher than a garden view villas .Make sure that the capacity of the villas as you need ,ensure the access  to the villas is  great for  wedding party , wedding vendor .for villas wedding venue you need to book in advance as  some good view of  villa wedding  are easily  full booked . easpecially during  good wedding date

Wedding Planner

Pick up some wedding  planner  as  the opsion  and get the quotation from them  for comparison ,have a meeting with you or during your  1st visit  or get  some review from Bali wedding association  or at least they listed at Bali  wedding association.Some wedding planner will put a package together with  villa wedding venue and wedding planner services .

Decoration  style

Decoration  style can be discussed with your wedding planner or  your own reliable  Bali florist  via online or during  your visit

Entertainment  and sound system

We have many option of Bali wedding entertainment  including fire dance, sexy dance , dragon queen,DJ , acoustic , Majician .discuss with your wedding planner during  your visit to Bali or otherwise  via email or other usefull comunication media

Food Catering

Your Bali wedding planner has more knowlegde about the quality of the  the catering and price , they have many option of catering which  suite your  budget


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