Legal Wedding For Filipinos

Legal Wedding for Filipinos in Bali 

Legal wedding for Filipinos can be carried out in Bali  either both bride and groom  are from Philipine or  marriage with other nationals.There are some paper works need to be prepared  by  Single Filipinos  who intend to get married in bali or Indonesia .She or he must submit the following  documents to obtain the certificate  of legal  capacity to contract marriage from Philippine embassy  in Jakarta 

  • Certificate of no record of marriage issued  by  The NSO and duly authenticated  nu DFA 
  • Birth Certificate issued  by the NSO  and duly authenticated  by DF 
  • Passport copy of applicant 

For applicants who were previously married  who obtained divorce or whose marriages  were annulled  and intend to remarry in Bali or  Indonesia ,they must submit the following documents

  • Original marriage certificate  duly annotated with the decree of divorce or annulment  issued by  the  NSO and authenticated  by DFA
  • Passport copy of applicant
  • Court decision declaring  the marriage annulled or divorce decree 

other documents

  • Copy passport 
  • Copy birth certificate  ( it must be translated into bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator ) 
  • Copy passport of both witnesses 
  • Fill wedding application form
  • Shoulder photo 

what Next after wedding 

After got married in Bali and you receive a marriage certificate from Bali registry office and need registration of marriage in Philippine . You need to follow the following steps:submit 5 sets photocopies of  each following documents :

  • Duly accomplished report of marriage form  ( all original)
  • Original marriage certificate ( in english or with english translation) issued by  Bali Registry office 
  • Copies passport of both bride and groom 

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