Bali Wedding Packages

Bali wedding packages

Bali Wedding Packages in various price

Bali Wedding packages  provided for foreign  and Indonesian wedding couple .Many foreign couple choose get married in Bali but some of them do not know  where  they want to get married what they want to include in their wedding packages. Some sample existing wedding package perhaps can help you to decide what you need to include in your package. The wedding package inclusion is much depend on the couple`s desire and concept of their wedding .

Bali Wedding Packages Villa.

Bali wedding packages villas is taking  venue in the villa either in a private villas or  clustered villa.Bali Wedding packages in private villa  has  certain rules need to be followed .Some villa may ask you 3 night minimum stay during low season and 5 nights stay during  peak season .Please be noted  that is the rule in general but a specific rule might be stated in a contract with wedding agent or travel agent as a benefit to villa`s partner .

Is there  any hiden charges on Bali Wedding packages villas ?

Certainly no any hiden charges in any bali wedding packages, all inclusion of Bali Wedding packages stated clearly on bali wedding proposal during bidding with customers.for example banjar fee or community fee .Refundable security deposit also charged to you  Bali wedding planner always open to answer any question from  customers.

What is the rule on Food and beverages in Bali Wedding packages

Bali wedding packages villa is more flexible on  food and beverage rule.You may bring your own beverages or food catering into villa.To make you easier normally  your wedding planner offers Bali wedding packages  include food and beverages .Bali wedding packages hotel has restriction on food and beverages rule , as all food and beverages is provided by hotels.For Bali wedding packages chapel apply the same rule as hotel  which we are not allowed to bring any food and beverage from outside unless an entrance fee is Levied to you

Bali Wedding Packages allow bring outside decorations

Bali Wedding packages villas allow you bring your own  flower decoration or just ask your  Bali Wedding planner  an all inclusive package as comparison.Bali wedding packages hotel and chapel not allowed the customer bring decoration from outside unless pay an entrance fee  requested by hotel or chapel .You may choose the existing wedding decoration or tailored as you wish. Bali is well known for art so then can be combined with western wedding decorationor just leave all in Balinese wedding Decoration.

Bali Wedding Packages provides a wedding cake

Most of the Bali wedding packages included the wedding cake due to the wedding cake as the symbol of sweetness of love which the should enjoy together and family. after the ceremony the couple may cut their wedding cake together and enjoy it, as on their marriage vows already stated that they will be together in whatever the future hold as long as they both shall live, so with the cake they may feeding each other as a symbol of their togetherness and care each other needs.furthers best deal of bali wedding packages you may consult with our wedding planner.

List of All Bali Wedding Packages

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