Bali Wedding Effected By COVID19

Bali wedding

Bali Wedding  effected by  COVID 19?

Bali wedding is a dream for  most wedding couple from all over the world , many wedding couple wish to experience Bali wedding  however  the recent  Covid 19  has stop these dream .Bali as a wedding destination is much depend on  the country who send many wedding couple  to Bali like  australia , china,India, europe  and also domestic wedding . meanwhile  many country  has lockeddown  their country  and domectic  flighht among region within  Indonesia  including Bali already reduced . Do not worry  during Covid pandemic all bali wedding venue well maintenanced  once  all the covid19 recovery  we are in bali Ready to assist you  and reach  your dream become true .

Many  option wedding venue  wait for  you in  Bali , first couple after covid19 recovery will be  very excided for  Bali wedding  planner after a long break , for this  time  we pray for  the world  and all friends , our customers  who been  trusting bali Shuka  so far in good health  and  away  from COVID 19 .

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