Bali Beach Wedding

bali beach wedding

Bali Beach Wedding

Beaches in Bali are generally controlled by “ Desa Adat”.Desa adat  is a communal organization which handle a culture matters including culture maintenances and development.To hold  a wedding event on the beach which is controlled by Desa adat  must get a license from the head of  Desa Adat which called Kelian Adat . Most of the  beach  are not provided with  electricity and toilet,to hold and event  your wedding planner  need to organize mobile toilet and  generator .

Beach front Hotel

Beach in Nusa dua which is located within Bali tourism development area are managed by the hotels , for doing wedding in these beach no need permit  from”Desa Adat “ but  your wedding planner may contact  the hotel for it .White sandy beach is becoming these beach  popular and best option for your beach wedding in Bali .From Nusa dua beah area you may see the sunrise  or you may have sunrise wedding .

Beach Wedding cooperate with local restaurants

Bali is surrounded by the beach ,some beach in south Bali including nusa dua , Jimbaran, Balangan,kutuh already equipped with  toilets as some local restaurants  already established  and we can work with them  or use  their  toilets .Other beach like sanur has some toilets for rent .

Beach in east Bali

East Bali has rare visitors and we call it as virgin beach  in pasir putih , in this area  the beach already beach  blocked  by some local restaurant , to use this beach  we  must block out some restaurant  for  the function and may their facilities.East Bali beach has  volcanic sand  especially in Amed area .White sand we can find in Prasi village . To go there from Denpasar take about  1,5 hours to 2 hours  .You may also over stay in this area as east Bali equipment with some hotels and  villa with a wide range of affordable prices.The acces to east Bali you may go via high way of Ida Bagus Mantra .to have a wedding in this beach we suggest you to have a  beach wedding package  which already included decoration and other items for your wedding 

Beach in North Bali

Most of the North Bali`s beach are  with volcanic sands , most popular beach called lovina beach , Along lovina coast  you  may find some villas and hotels as well which  good for your stay to experience north  Bali  beauty.An interesting attraction can be viewed in the morning is dolphin watch .You may liaise with your hotel reception or travel agent to book it for  you .The beach in  lovina has calm  waive and safe for swimming , snorkeling .For those who want underworld water you may experience for diving at Menjangan Island , just a few minutes drive  westward from lovina

Beach for surfing

Are you a surfing lover? ,try  some beaches in bali like  suluban,padang galak sanur ,lembongan .You will enjoy your  adventure 

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