Bali Wedding Souvenir

Bali wedding souvenir
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Bali wedding souvenirs  created some unique  art creation.It is a hand made and some with a simple machinary. the unique Bali wedding gifts or souvenirs will always rmember about  your travel experience and attending  a wedding of  your friends .It is an affordable wedding gift

Bali wedding souvenirs option 

 wooden Balinese calender ,balinese silver box,bottle opener,balinese coffee in sachet with printed name of bride and groom , Balinese coffee in a box with 4 sachets of  coffee ,Balinese natural soaps,flower candles,Balinese Beach sarong ,Balinese T shirt no colar,Balinese Bag ,puzzle square ,Sea shell earing ,sea shell brecelets and many more souvernirs you can bring from Bali .

How to book your wedding souvenir 

Advance booking is higly appreciated .please contact our team for wedding souvenir booking 

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