Bali Wedding Vendors

  • SLA Sound System

    Plan your wedding in Bali with good  quality sound System and reliable staff ready to serves your bali wedding event , get your best rate of sound...

  • Hanging Lantern

    Ambient Lightings

    Ambient  Lighting has an important rules to make your venue beautiful at night time,add some ambients lighting like LED Par Led light ,candle with...

  • floating stage

    Floating Stage - Bali Wedding Vendor

    Choose a right vendor to support our event is very  important, we trust  and recommend   our vendor for stage,floating stage ,embient lighting,...

  • Bali Generator Rental

    Bali Generator Rental - Bali Wedding Vendor

    Bali generator rental is required for your wedding event in most villa,as villa not cover power supply in big power.For  those couple who plan to...

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