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Many out side  influences brought  into Bali  and  create new version of dance. For instant prominently  in Bali we only know traditional fire dances  but nowadays we have  modern  fire dance and traditional fire dance.

Traditional Fire Dance 

The history  traditional fire dance in Bali is started from a Village called Batu Bulan , for a ritual this dance is performed by inviting  two virgin girls to dance which called Sanghyang Dadari, dedari is deputy of the goddes from  the heaven .They stand on the shoulder of  a man  and the men walking around the stage meanwhile the girl keep dancing and trance  .A chorus of  Kecak  accompany the dance.Kecak is a  traditional accapella or a chorus  with  3 different tunes .the fire dance attraction is happened once the Hindu Priest  invite   the Sanghyang Jaran and walk around the  fire of coconut hust  while in trance .This type of dance only can be found in Batu Bulan  village and not allowed  to be performed out side  the villa 

Modern Fire  Dance 

It is a amusement dance , show capabelity play with fire , need a high skill if you  do not to be burned ,using  traditional  or modern outfit ,accompanied by modern music .mostly perform outdoor, 6 - 10 dancers of male and female 



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