Balinese Legong Dance

legong dance
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Legong Dance

Legong dance is a wellknown type of  Balinese dance.There many type legong dance creation  created  by Balinese  dance maestro  with different purpose  like  Legong dance for   temple ceremony,legong dance for welcoming  VIP guest  or guest .Legong dance also  very often performed  during wedding dinner .some  legong dance from time to time  such us " Panyembrahma , Puspanjali and sekar Jagat .The legong dance is accompanied by  a group of Gambelan which can be arranged all in a big  group of Gambelan or mini gambelan .The big group of gambelan consit  up to 30 player and mini group up to 15 person .

Bali Wedding entertainment 

Balinese dance  can be a good option for your  wedding entertainment  in Bali  and also this is a kind of appreciation to a local culture .I can  help  the  Balinese  to preserve  for the sustain of traditional culture as they get paid  by performing the Balinese culture .The recomended  Balinese dance  for entertain you during  wedding reception like  legong dance   called  panyembrahma or sekar jagat for welcoming your  guest upon  arrival at the wedding receptio area , Warrior dance as a symbolizing of powerfull groom movement , bibble bee  representing  a couple falling in love in each other .  for the fun time you may present a joged dance which mean dancing together .

Live Gambelan accompany the Dance 

Most all of the Balinese dances during the performances are accompanied by a Gambelan  it can be a live gambelan or recorded gambelan. The group of gambelan can be played by more or less 30 person  but  we still able to play it with  mini  gambelan which  the player around 10 person 



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