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Wedding dinner  Royal Pitamaha ubud with various  selection of  Indonesian cuisine  start from appetizer ,soup,main course and dessert included table set up and flower centerpiece .



  • Blanched assorted vegetables with crispy nut and spiced sauce
  • Shredded roasted chicken tossed in red spice
  • Red bean salad with grated coconut and curry sauce
  • Tomato , cucumber salad with chopped scallion
  • Long bean and soy bean sprout with curry sauce
  • Rice noodle with tofu, bean cake with peanut sauce
  • Balinese seafood salad with shallot and lemongrass
  • Assorted boiled vegetables with bean cake and peanut sauce
  • Seaweed and tuna salad with grated roasted coconut
  • Char grilled egg plant tossed in red chili, tomato and shrimps paste
  • Red bean and pumpkin salad with ginger and lemon  basil
  • Seaweed salad with lemongrass, galangal , grated coconut and fish stock
  • Fresh vegetables salad with tamarind and palm sugar sauce
  • Fried sliced aubirgines with egg  and coconut cream


  • Spicy chicken broth with glass noodle, bean sprout, egg and fried shallot
  • Javanese beef broth with cube vegetables and fried  white bean
  • Spicy seafood soup with galangal, lemongrass and lime leaves
  • Indonesian oxtail soup with vegetables and crackers
  • Spicy clam soup with young papaya
  • Sweet corn soup with prawn and spring onion
  • Prawn , asparagus and wooden ears mushroom soup
  • Egg plant, corn kernel and spinach with coconut cream
  • Wild mushroom with spring onion soup
  • Clear chicken with cube chayote soup
  • Chicken, bean sprout, leek and coconut cream soup
  • Essence of free range of chicken with young papaya


  • Wok fried squid with lemon basil
  • Fried  chicken  with  soya, butter and onion
  • Grilled snapper fillet brushed with chili sauce
  • Fried egg  noodles with vegetables and egg
  • Braised bok choy mushroom and red capsicum in oyster sauce
  • Assorted sate of beef, chicken and lamb
  • Spicy chicken Lombok style
  • Braised lamb in Balinese spice
  • Grilled fish brushed with  chili tomato sambal
  • Fern tips and red bean with grated coconut
  • Roasted duck wrapped in banana leaves
  • Baby squid with oyster sauce
  • Simmered sliced beef with soy and nutmeg
  • Lamb stew with cube of turnip
  • Wok fried squid with bell pepper and oyster sauce
  • Pork and minced fish sate
  • Vegetables Curry
  • Braised chicken  with Indonesian spice
  • Fried  snapper fillet with chili ginger and tomato sauce
  • Fish minced sate  and chicken sate
  • Simmered beef in rich coconut broth
  • Wok fried squid with bell pepper and oyster sauce
  • Assorted satay of beef, chicken and seafood
  • Braised sliced beef in rich coconut broth
  • Fried chicken with smoothly chili spice
  • Wok fried mushroom , mixed capsicum and bok choy in oyster sauce
  • Curried long bean and sprout
  • Grilled snapper fillet with shallot and basil
  • Braised long bean  in coconut cream
  • Balinese roasted chicken
  • Braised chicken and young jack fruit tossed with  teak wood leaf
  • Fried snapper  fillet with chili , ginger and tomato sauce
  • Braised sun dried beef with chili shallot and kefir lime leaf
  • Curried grouper fish with rich coconut broth
  • Crispy fried duck enhanced with mixed  spice
  • Vegetables chop suey
  • Morsel of chicken with vegetables, tossed in hoisin sauce
  • Roasted pork belly splashed with curry sauce


  • Jack fruit jelly
  • Black rice pudding
  • Banana fritter with vanilla sauce
  • Stewed sweet potato in palm sugar and coconut milk
  • Sliced fresh fruit
  • Coconut cake
  • Stewed banana and sweet potato
  • Pearl sago pudding
  • Cassava  rolled cake
  • Assortment of Indonesian  sweet
  • Glutinous rice ball cake with grated coconut and palm syrup
  • Banana fritter with vanilla sauce
  • Indonesian layer cake with pandan and cinnamon flavor
  • Banana and ripened jack fruit fritter
  • Pandanus cream caramel
  • Black rice pudding
  • Pearl sago pudding
  • Banana and sweet potato fritter
  • Sliced fresh fruit
  • Ripened jack fruit jelly
  • Banana fritter with vanilla sauce
  • Coconut cake
  • Indonesian rolled crepes with coconut and palm syrup
  • Steamed pumpkin with grated coconut


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$  and subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • Buffet choice base on  : 5 Appetizer, 1 Soup, 6 Main Courses, 5 Dessert
  • Price include table set up and flower centerpiece and standard lighting 
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.
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