Klapa Pecatu - Indonesia Buffet Menu B

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Food & Beverages

experience various Indonesian food in different style  of cooking during your wedding reception celebration at Klapa pecatu  with minumum guest of 30 person 

Indonesian Buffet Menu B Klapa inclusion 


  • AYAM PELALAH(Shredded chicken w/ spicy tomato sambal and long bean salad)
  • RUJAK BUAH(Young fruit salad w/ tamarind dressing)
  • GADO-GADO(Steamed vegetable w/ tofu, bean cake, egg and spicy peanut sauce)


  • SOTO KUNING(West java beef soup w/ red bean, potato cake, crackers and green chili sambal)


  • SATE AYAM(Chicken satay w/ peanut sauce)
  • TUM BEBEK(Steamed spicy duck parcel w/ Balinese sauce)
  • RENDANG SAPI ala KLAPA(Braised beef in coconut and red paste KLAPA style)
  • KARE KAMBING(Javanese lamb curry)
  • TUMIS BUNCIS TAUGE(Sautéed green bean and beansprout w/ oyster sauce)
  • TUMIS KACANG PANJANG(Sauteed long bean w/ tofu and shrimp)
  • NASI PUTIH(Steam white rice)


  • SAUS KACANG (Peanut sauce)
  • BUMBU ASAM (Tamarind dressing)
  • SAMBAL IJO (Green chili sambal)


  • JAJAN PASAR (Assorted traditional cake)
  • ANEKA BUAH SEGAR (Assorted fresh tropical fruit)
  • COKLAT PUDING (Chocolate pudding)
  • Coffee or Tea

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ and subject to 21%  tax and service charge 
  • Valid for min 30 guest 
  • Include standard set up ,no  flower centerpiece 
  • Buffet is not all you can eat. There is limitation of refill the food
  • Buffet is not allow to take away
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