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Holding a wedding party in Bali, Indonesia?. then you should try Indonesian Set Menu A for your wedding dinner. As we know that Indonesian is rich with cuisines so this package offer various traditional foods from different areas of Indonesia. This package includes starter, soup, main course, and sweets. Celebrate your unforgetable moment with this Indonesian set menu in your favorite villa in uluwatu, Bali. We also have Indonesian buffet package for you.



Sosis Solo

Traditional deep fried spiced beef ragout crepes served with acar



Ayam Be Cundang

Balinese style rooster clear soup



Udang Balado

Grilled lobster in Sumateran Balado sambal, sautéed cassava leaves, steamed rice and potato cake



Archipelago Sampling

Traditional pumpkin mud cake, caramelized coconut crepes, Single Fin style banana fritters and jackfruit ice cream


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  • Banquette setup includes standard decoration.
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  • Price subject to 21 %  tax and services charge
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