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Try Indonesian and bali food for your wedding dinner? why not. Indonesia is composed by many Islands that rich with delicious cuisine from different region in Indonesia. We offer you the best deal for your wedding reception dinner.

Tradition buffet Menu 

Soup (Please choose 1 item)

  • Soto Ayam - Chicken in yellow turmeric broth
  • Sop Sayur - Vegetables soup
  • Sayur Lodeh - Traditional vegetables soup in coconut milk
  • Sop  Jagung - Corn soup

Vegetable Dishes ( please choose 3 items)

  • Tumis  jagung manis - Saute sweet corn
  • Tumis Singkong teri medan - Stir fry casasava leaves with dried anchovy
  • Plecing kangkung - Braised wter spinach with spicy Balinese sambals
  • Lawar Sayur - Balinese minced vegetables
  • Lalapan - Raw vegetables served with sambals

Main course(Please choose 4 items)

  • Ayam goreng – Traditional fried chicken
  • Telur balado – Fried boiled egg with sambals on top
  • Sate lilit ikan – Balinese minced fish satay
  • Sate ayam – Chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • Sambal goreng kentang & hati – Sauté potato & chicken liver in coconut milk & chili
  • Ayam rica rica – Fried chicken rubbed with chili & Indonesian basil
  • Pesan be paseh – Steamed fillet of snapper with spices wrapped in banana leaves


  • Buah – Tropical seasonal fruit basket
  • Puding coklat – Chocolate pudding with fla

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar and subject to 21% tax and services charge 
  • Price valid for minimum 100 participant 
  • White Steam rice included
  • Price include  standard set up like  table , napkin, cutleries , banquet chairs exclude flower centerpiece
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.
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