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Try Indonesian food for your wedding dinner ? why not,Indonesia is composed by many Island rich  delucy cuisine from different region in Indonesia ,we offer your best deal wedding reception dinner 

Indonesian Buffet Dinner  Menu 


(Please choose 1 item)

  • Gado-gado – boiled vegetables, fried tofu & soybean cake served with peanut sauce
  • Asinan betawi – pickled vegetables, tofu, dried shrimp soaked in salty sauce
  • Karedok – Sundanese signature raw vegetables salad with peanut dressing


(Please choose 1 item)

  • Soto ayam – chicken soup in yellow turmeric broth
  • Sop buntut – beef oxtail soup
  • Bakso ayam or sapi – chicken or beef meatballs in clear broth
  • Soto tangkar – stew beef ribs & brisket in rich coconut milk

Main course

(Please choose 8 items)

  • Nasi putih – steamed rice
  • Nasi kuning – steamed yellow rice
  • Nasi uduk – steamed rice with coconut milk
  • Nasi goreng kampung – classic Indonesian fried rice
  • Rendang sapi – Sumatran original beef “rendang”, slow simmered beef in coconut milk
  • Telur balado – hard boiled eggs with sambal
  • Tumis kangkung terasi – stir fried water spinach with shrimp paste
  • Tumis tauge – sautéed mung bean sprout with garlic & dried shrimp paste
  • Ca sayur hijau bawang putih – sautéed Chinese greens with garlic & sesame oil
  • Opor ayam – traditional Indonesian style of yellow chicken curry
  • Mie goreng jamur – fried noodle with mushroom
  • Sate ayam or sapi or babi – chicken or beef or pork satay with peanut sauce
  • Sambel goring kentang – sautéed potato cubes with sambal and coconut milk
  • Cumi goreng kecap – deep fried calamri with sweet soy sauce
  • Ayam goreng kecap – deep fried chicken with sweet soy sauce


(Please choose 3 items)

  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Fruit platter
  • Pudding coklat – chocolate pudding
  • Es cendol – green rice flour jelly with coconut milk & palm sugar
  • Es jelly medan – various jelly with shaved ice and syrup
  • Es campur – young coconut, jellies, jack fruit, condensed milk, syrup & shaved ice

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar and subject to 21% tax and services charge 
  • Price valid for minimum 50 participant 
  • Price include  standard set up exclude flower centerpiece
  • Force majeur is beyond our control.
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