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Indonesian Buffet Menu A 

Indonesian buffet menu A specially created for outside catering,we offer nusantara quisines include Balinese


  • Lumpia ayam jamur/Crispy chicken and mushroom rool
  • Roti gulung ayam keju/Cesar chicken and egg tortilla

Salad Bars:

  • Gado – gado with assorted rolled steam vegetable with carrot, spinach, white cabbage, bean sprout, egg star and tahu bacem with braised tofu in spice and coconut water, tempe penyet with fried slice bean curd pressed into stone mortal in sambel terasi
  • Urab timun in slice cucumber with spice grated coconut
  • Grilled clams semboko with ulek spice and ginger flower and teri medan


  • Peanut sauce, Sune cekuh dressing


  • Sop Gerang Asem/ spice chicken soup  


  • Ayam bakar bajak/Roasted chicken mixed spice sambal bajak
  • Gurame goreng cobek/Fried fish carp dressed with spice sauce cobek
  • Gepuk sapi/Fried braised beef
  • Bebek goreng/Fried braised duck
  • Pia betutu/Chicken betutu pie
  • Sate lilit ayam/Grilled minced chicken satay on a bamboo stick
  • Kangkung terasi/ Sauteed water spinach with grated shrimp paste
  • Chap cay goreng/ Stir fried vegetable in oyster sauce     
  • Mie Goreng/Stir fried noodle                                                    
  • Nasi Putih/ White steam rice                                                                     

Sauce’s & Condiments:

  • Sambal Terasi/ grilled spice mix flavor shrimp paste        
  • Sambal Bakar kemiri/Grilled spice mix paste flavor candle nut
  • Chili soya, krupuk udang kecil, acar, kacang tanah, serundeng

Desserts :

  • Tropical fruit dulang
  • Cerorot with conical cone shape rice flour cake
  • Tape goreng keju/ Fried cassava fritter with caramel sauce and cheese
  • Buah Potong/ Fresh fruit slice    

Term and condition 

  • Price quoted in US$ dollar 
  • Price is subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • Price include standard set up  and cutteleries 
  • Price exclude flower centerpiece 
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