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Do you plan to have a Chinese wedding theme party? or you have chinese guests at your wedding party?. Celebrate it with buffet menu that we offer you. This Chinese Buffet Menu B already covers starter, dressing,  soup, main course, dessert and standard set up. Create your unforgettable moment accompanied by this Chinese buffet menu B at special venue which is at sunset main pool side area with breathtaking sunset view in Uluwatu, Bali. We also have Chinese Buffet Menu A package for you.



Cold noodle with chicken and sesame dressing

Fried spring roll

Crispy squid with Chinese vegetable

Chinese vegetable salad


Thousand Island dressing, sweet chili sauce and sweet sour sauce 



Corn and cabbage soup



Fried beef with scallion

Stew pork belly with honey ginger sauce

Black mushroom with tofu

Stir fried cauliflower with shrimp

Roasted duck with BBQ sauces

Chinese fried noodle

Steam Rice

Chop Suey



Pudding with milk

Red bean pancake

Chinese fruit compote

Sliced Fruit


Terms & Conditions:

  • The price is quoted in US$
  • price is subject to 21% tax and services charge 
  • Minimum guest number requirement is for 70 people
  • Price include standard set up without centerpiece 
  • Price subject to change without any prior notice 
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