Canapes Option II - LBG

Price Unit (per): 
Food & Beverages

We offer you small bite food with this canape package for your wedding as additional order to the main dishes. You may choose 6 items from Non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian and Sweet menu. Add this for your wedding party in villa wedding or beach wedding in sanur, canggu or other areas. We also offer another canape packages such as Canape option 1, and canape option 3.

(Please choose 6 items)


Non – Vegetarian   

  • Indonesian sushi (Lemper)   
  • Chicken vol au vent      
  • Tuna tartlet        
  • Smoked salmon roll asparagus   
  • Shrimp chili ai    
  • Prawn Vietnam roll     
  • Assorted sushi      
  • Avocado prawn taco      
  • Hoisin duck wrap     
  • Coriander prawn on lime   
  • Sate lilit (Balinese minced fish satay)  
  • Hawaiian beef skewer   
  • BBQ bacon roll asparagus    
  • Chicken spring roll      
  • Quiche Lorraine      
  • Chicken or beef samosa      
  • Salt and pepper calamari      
  • Prawn money pocket      
  • Siomay with peanut sauce    
  • Golden fried tempura      
  • BBQ bacon prawn 
  • Crab cake with tomato chutney 
  • Mini beef or chicken burger 
  • Fish and chips 
  • Gyutan nikiku 
  • Bao rendang



  • Chocolate brownies
  • Tropical fruit skewer
  • Vanilla eclairs
  • Fruit tartlet
  • Choux
  • Mini dadar gulung
  • Klepon
  • Churros
  • Sweet potato balls
  • Nastar



  • Grill cheese tomato bisque   
  • Caprese stick       
  • Sweet potato stick with salsa   
  • Watermelon feta cheese    
  • Mini gado-gado       
  • Fresh Vietnam roll     
  • Mushroom bruschetta     
  • Tomato bocconcini basil pesto   
  • Salad shooter       
  • Roasted tofu with pesto     
  • Vegetarian sushi 
  • Spinach ball with mayo 
  • Vegetables tartlet 
  • Vegetables spring roll 
  • Fried mozzarella 
  • Vegetables samosa 
  • Corn fritters with coriander salsa 
  • Vegetables money pocket 
  • Tomato feta cheese basil bruschetta 
  • Tortilla chips with salsa & guacamole 


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted in US$ dollar
  • Price is subject to 21% tax and services charge
  • Price valid for minimum order of 50 person, less then 50 person subject to additional cost of US$ 5.00 /person
  • 6 item chosen included for 1- hour free flow
  • Additional IDR 800000 is applicable if the canapes have to be set up as savory/sweet corner
  • Price subject to change without any prior notice 
  • Force majeure is beyond our control.
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