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Once you travel to other country  why not taste local cuisine in better deal compare imported  menu,most of  Balinese cuisine are hot as we rich of spices  but if you don not familiar with hot or spice one , we can decrease the spicy level to meet your  needs 

Balinese Buffet Dinner menu 

Appetizer ( please choose one )

  • Urap rumput laut – seawed salad, fresh grated coconut, chili and lime dressing
  • Ayam pelalah – shredded poached chicken with chili and lime dressing
  • Sambel be tongkol – shredded poached tuna with shallots, lemongrass and lime dressing

Soup ( Please choose one )

  • Jukut ares – banana steam in clear broth
  • Kuah be paseh – fish in turmeric and lemongrass broth
  • Gedang mekuah – green papaya in Balinese spice broth

Main course ( Please choose 8 item )

  • Nasi sela – steamed rice with sweet potato cubes
  • Nasi putih – steamed rice
  • Pesan be pasih – steamed marinated fish wrapped in banana leaves
  • Lawar sayur – minced vegetables with freshly grated coconut, fried shallots & spices
  • Sate lilit – minced fish or chicken satay with Balinese spices
  • Plecing kangkung – braised water spinach, sprouts, fried peanut & spicy sambal
  • Cumi bumbu Bali – Balinese spices marinated stir fried squid
  • Udang mepanggang – Jimbaran style grilled prawn
  • Jukut kacang panjang – braised long bean with coconut milk
  • Ayam or bebek betutu – steamed chicken or duck with complete Balinese spices
  • Semur lidah – simmered beef tongue in sweet soy sauce and nutmeg
  • Siap base kalas – Spiced chicken in coconut sauce
  • Tum ayam – minced chicken with spices wrapped in banana leaves
  • Ayam or sapi mesisit – stir fried shredded chicken or beef

Dessert ( please choose 3 item)

  • Jaje Bali – assorted traditional cakes
  • Es daluman – natural green jelly with coconut milk and palm sugar
  • Es puter – traditional ice cream
  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Fruit platter

Terms & Conditions:

  • The rate quoted in US$ and subject to 21% tax and service charge 
  • the rate valid for minimal order 5o person 
  • The rate include standard set up  ( table cutleries and services staff ) 
  • The rate include free flow mineral water 
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