Bali Niksoma - Canape Package Option B

Price Unit (per): 
Food & Beverages

Photo session is an important part of your wedding celebration  but how to make the waiting time is not boring for all your guest , while photo session you may serves a light pre dinner food like canapes.we offer some canapes  option package for you  at affordable cost .please select one of the following option  

Canapé Menu option I 

  • Sushi roll
  • Smoked salmon on rye toast
  • Sun tomato bruschetta
  • Beef yakitori
  • BBQ gloze chicken wing
  • Curry lentil samosa
  • Crab meat quiches
  • Seafood turns over
  • Onion ring tempura
  • Caper and seafood bites

Canape Menu option II 

  • Seafood croquettes
  • Futomaki sushi
  • Leek and chicken tartlets
  • Burex
  • Pork wonton
  • Vegetable curry samosa
  • Mini pita chicken sandwich
  • Rissoles
  • Eggplant and mozzarella sandwich
  • Beef prosciutto

Canapé Menu III

  • Chicken and mushroom tartlets
  • Ham and pineapple pizza
  • Pastel
  • Breaded fish skewer
  • Chicken turn over
  • Vegetable and corn fritters
  • Cream cheese on teriyaki crackers
  • Smoked salmon on rye bread
  • Mini satay lilit (seafood)
  • Mini beef burger


Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted per person  per hour and subject to 21 % tax and services charge
  • The canapes is served pass around 
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