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Indonesia has diversity of cuisine all over the Indonesian acrchipelago ,each island has  their own  cuisine including Bali , once have any party in Bali like wedding , gathering,meeting  why not try our delicious balinese food 

Balinese Cuisine Menu 


Be Siap Mesitsit
Shredded chicken in Balinese spices
Lawar Kacang
Indonesian vegetable salad, grated coconut and minced meat, herbs and spices
Tipat Cantok
Mixed steamed vegetable, rice cakes, peanut sauce


Jukut Ares Bebek
Spicy Balinese Duck Soup, sliced young banana stem

Main course
Be pasih Sambal Matah
Pan seared snapper fillet, sambal matah
Be Siap Betutu
Grilled chicken, cassava leaf, wrapped in banana leaf
Kenus Kesune
Crispy fried calamari, garlic
Be Sampi Bumbu Bali
Braised beef tenderloin, Balinese spices
Jukut Urap
Mixed vegetable salad, grated coconut dressing
Jukut Nangke
Young jackfruit, sweet basil, lemongrass

Assorted Balinese Mini Sweet Cakes
Seasonal sliced fresh fruits

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is quoted is US$ per person and subject to 21% tax and services charge.
  • Price include standard set up : Table ,banquet chairs , napkin exclude flower centerpiece 
  • Food is served base on Family style dinning 
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