Fabulous Villas Wedding Canggu Area

villas wedding canggu

List of fabulous  villas wedding  in Canggu

Villas wedding in canggu can be in a diversity villas booth in view and bedroom number , however  we glad to share with  you who looking for villa for wedding in Canggu area and nearby .There a few villas you may consider base on your wedding desires and budget  like ombak luwung ,sungai tinggi,ombak putih, florimar, teresa,arika,asante, infinity,chalina estate ,sanctuary villas 

Rules for wedding at Villas in canggu

Generally most of the villas apply almost the same rule like minimum stay required ,event fee , curfew time applied ,community fee .The  also have other  specific rule  those are : permit for  Fire works, sky lantern etc. It  is not all villas will allow us to  have fire works , sky lantern , using their existing  kitchen for  catering.This specific rule must be asked upon makes the booking

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