Wanasmara Chapel - Bali Wedding Venue

Wanasmara Chapel Bali Wedding Venue

Wanasmara chapel Ubud

Wanasmara chapel Ubud is built a place to solemnize love.The name wanasmara mean Forest of love in Sanskrit; a name perfectly suitable as it is located amongst tropical treetops and dance foliage along the Tjampuhan River. The pavilion was almost entirely made of wood and glass, with touch reminiscent of the entirely unique Toraja traditional house archicture. At 72 sqm. This pavilion accommodate up to 48 people comfortable, therefore an ideal setting for a private and Romantic Bali wedding attended by Family and close Friends.

The facilities include: wanasmara Suite,a wedding preparation room which includes alounging area, waiting room and two separate dressing rooms for bride and groom; the roof terrace-an open air space perfect for cocktail reception; Campuhan Terrace Restaurant,a perfect dining venue for the wedding dinner reception and Campuhan Terrace stage an open air mini amphitheater for live music or dance performance.

How to reach Wanasmara chapel

Wanasmara can be reach through sayan which call jalan raya sayan and go straigh a head till you find 3rd junction of kedwatan and turn right,go straight and before ubud city turn right at hanoman street and thus you will find the sign of Komaneka Bisma where the chapel location is .

Wedding Package

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