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Bali Wedding Tugu Canggu Hotel  with sunset view.

For Indonesian  the word “TUGU” has special meaning which  this word  can be a sign of  very important  place or can be an  historical place , for Indonesian the  TUGU is also another for Monument where special event were  occurred and to remember it will built a TUGU or monument  but For Hindu in Bali  The Tugu can also mean a shrine  or place for worship. However  one of the hotel located in Canggu  using the name  TUGU and therefore  this place also very special for those  visit Bali and stay in Hotel Tugu.

The Hotel Tugu is not only providing accommodation but also can cater for Baliwedding, they offer various choice of venue accordance with your need or the party size

Bali wedding tugu bali at Bale Agung

Start from Bale Agung , Bale in Balinese word mean  building with 4 pillar , the bale agung at Tugu can accommodate up to  150 guest .it is very airy hall  opening face to the sea and possible to view sunset from the area ,very high ceiling  supported by giant wooden  pillar inspired  by a  Bale but it is made in much bigger size  for  ceremonial  house. Decorated  by  beautiful antiques and artworks. 4.5 meter high wooden Garuda statue, carved from 120 years old tree trunk. make this room a stunning venue for round table reception

Bali wedding tugu canggu bali at Bale Puputan

Another Function can be taken place at  Bale Puputan, the meaning of Bale has explained above  but the word “ Puputan “ can be also translated into the Last Battle. The Bale puputan is only able to host an intimate  function or  small size party  up to 15 guest .

Bali wedding tugu canggu  bali at Bale Sutra

It is an Historical Bale as it were in Java before and was transported into Bali and rebuild entirely in Tugu. The building is in  Chinese Theme  with red color dominantly in their wall .It is stand as a symbol of Harmony between  the ancient  Indonesian Chinese and Ancient Balinese culture .This room in Tugu Bali  called Bale Sutra or the Palace of Harmony

Bali Wedding tugu canggu  Bali at Black Chamber

As of their name , this  venue is bit dark  but look beautiful at night once we put some lighting decoration .This room features some peranakan Antiques, Indonesian puppets and mask. The venue can accommodate up to 50 guests 

Bali Wedding tugu canggu bali at Warung Tugu 

Once you visiting Bali  you will find so many warung or the food stall, the warung normally smaller size than restaurant and only serve  local food  and price wise is cheaper compare the restaurant  but warung in Tugu is different  with normal warung , they serve  high quality of Indonesian quisine .it can accommodate up to  40 guest

Bali Wedding tugu canggu bali at Tropical garden

For those who avoid an indoor party , the  tropical  garden is  the choice , a lush garden which  can accommodate for up to  75 pax .another  outdoor venue can be used at Tugu is the beach front one ,this is the biggest  place in Tugu which fit for 250 person

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