Noah Chapel - Bali Wedding Venue

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Noah Chapel Bali Wedding

Noah chapel Bali wedding  offer beautiful chapel formed like a ship which reflection of long adventure of new wedding couple for future house family. Noah chapel can accommodate for  30 guest  sitting and  40 guest standing .

Noah chapel  Bali ceremony

The ceremony time at Noah chapel divided into 3 slot time ceremony .The first slot time start from 09.00  and finish at 11.00 . The 2nd slot time ceremony  start  at 13.00 PM and finish at  15.00 PM .The last slot time start at  16:00 and finish at  18.00

Noah chapel Dinner reception

Noah Chapel dinner reception can be taken place at Noah as well, the set up can be around Noah garden .Noah garden can accommodate  for 100 sitting guest and 250 standing party .Noah Restaurant can accommodate  20 person sitting dinner and  30 person for standing dinner .

Noah chapel Banjar Fee

Noah chapel charge a fee for Banjar fee , it is a community fee which mean  you contribute a some of money to local community once you  have a function at Noah chapel

Wedding package  Noah Chapel 

we offer intimate wedding package and deluxe package at Noah chapel . Deluxe package  package more inclusion  offered like , accomodation for all your guest ,wedding reception with foods 

Wedding Package

Below is the list of wedding packages available in this wedding venue. Please choose by clicking on its title to see the details.

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