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Bali Shuka Wedding - Kastara Resort
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Fantastic Resort Amidst Ubud's Natural Surroundings

Kastara is a term originating from Sanskrit, translating to 'Termasyur' in Bahasa Indonesia, meaning 'Famous' in English, which aptly reflects the essence of the property. Situated in a prime tourist spot at Bukit Campuhan Ridge Walk, Jalan Raya Bangkiang Sidem, Ubud Bali, it offers convenient access, just a 20-minute drive from Ubud Centre. For couples seeking an intimate wedding amidst Ubud's natural surroundings and also forest scenery, Kastara Ubud offers the perfect option as your Bali wedding venue.

Wedding in Kastara Resort

An exceptional Bali wedding venue at Kastara Resort awaits to create enduring memories for your special occasion. Set amidst Ubud's verdant landscapes, overlooking the valley and also Wos River, this idyllic location is ideal for exchanging vows, reaffirming commitments, or celebrating renewals of love.

Rooftop Wedding

Enhance your love tale with a Rooftop Wedding experience at Kastara Resort, where the heavens blend with romance. Positioned atop, exchange your promises amidst a sweeping panorama of urban lights or the twinkling stars. The intimate and refined atmosphere creates a backdrop for festivities that go beyond the usual. Kastara Resort's rooftop location harmonizes contemporary elegance with the allure of nature, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your significant day. With meticulous attention and a dash of sophistication, your rooftop wedding transforms into a sublime event, ensuring not only the merging of hearts but also a remarkable journey transcending the ordinary.

Bahtera Wedding

Bahtera Wedding at Kastara Resort presents a captivating ceremony set against stunning vistas. The venue's charm emanates from its blend of classic sophistication and contemporary opulence. With meticulous care, Bahtera Wedding ensures couples a memorable start to their marital voyage. The resort's scenic environment and impeccable service form an ideal canvas for an enchanting wedding. From the solemn exchange of vows to the jubilant celebrations, Bahtera Wedding at Kastara Resort orchestrates a flawless and enchanting occasion, guaranteeing treasured moments that endure forever.

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