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Harsono wedding venue is located within the area of Harsono Boutique Resort which lies on Batu Bulan Village. Apart from the wedding venue you may also stay at their beautiful resort facing to the Campuhan River. The Resort is accessable from Highway Ida Bagus Mantra, from Airport takes about 45 minutes drive, take about 20 minutes to Denpasar city and about 45 minutes drive to Ubud. Ketewel and Sanur are the nearest hotel area where your guest may stay during attending the wedding at Harsono wedding venue.

Any Accomodation at Harsono Resort

Harsono Resort offers you 16 bedrooms which is divided into 2-Bedroom Villa and 3-Bedroom Villa. Their 2-Bedroom Villa is provided with one living room and kitchen, wheareas the 3-Bedroom is without living rooms.

Can We do Buy Out Wedding in Harsono Resort ?

Buy out of the resort is a great option as you will be able to use it privately just for your wedding ceremony and reception event, however you need to book it in advance to secure the whole resort. 

Why Recommend Harsono Resort for Your Bali Wedding ?

We as a wedding planner very impressed with this venue for some reasons, from our view this resort is a very unique place that is located in Campuhan River side. Campuhan means the meeting point of two or more downstream of rivers, where for local people, they use this kind of river for purification or also called "melukat". Another reason is that they also offer a nice view of the river as background for photo taking. It is also a tranquil place, perfect for those who wants to escape from the hustle bustle of city life. It also offer reasonable wedding cost.

How Much is The Cost for Wedding at Harsono Resort ?

For buy out wedding or partially book, you may request your wedding package at Harsono Resort via your Bali Wedding Planner.

Wedding Package

Below is the list of wedding packages available in this wedding venue. Please choose by clicking on its title to see the details.

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