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Balangan Wedding Venue - Cliff Top
Cliff Top

Balangan Beach near uluwatu

Balangan beach is one of favorite beach in south Bali,it is located near pecatu graha beach.The access to balangan beach is quite good but once you drive car to balangan you must be careful due to the road is narrow ,it is only enough for 2 car.

How to go to Balangan beach?

There are not public transport serve for this area but you may take taxi,ride motor bike or your private car .if you go from Jimbaran just follow uluwatu street until you find fourth junction of ungasan,in the corner of this fourth junction is Nirmala shopping center , you just turn right and follow the road to Balangan until you find housing complex of Balangan Pratama, just past Balangan Pratama and only one road to Balangan Beach .upon your arrival in Balangan beach area you will see food stall and to the beach you need go down through some step.

What is interesting in Balangan beach

Balangan beach is not as crowded as kuta , white sandy beach and pristine water, good for surfing , nice sunset view.There are some local warung or food stall.Some hotel or accommodation can be found before entering Balangan beach.This venue is a great venue for intimate wedding but there is no power supply and therefore should you need sound system for your wedding and we need to bring generator.Intimate wedding some time no need such sound system.Once you plan to get married in Balangan and need wedding packagesyou may liaise with our wedding planner

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