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Cliff Top

The Aum  Villa  Balangan Set on the cliff top of  Balangan ,1000 sq.m villa Aum is an amazing state of the art construction itself.The villa offers 4 spacious bedrooms with its own bathrooms.big dinning with a spacious guest kitchen.entertainment room including the billiard, gym facility and the home theater.pool with a spacious pond.The cliff front Bale with a massage facility.The cliff front Jacuzzi.The cliff front fire pit.The separate staff area with a separate kitchen and two bedrooms.

The villa size, landscape and interior design make a very comfortable stay for a quite numerous visitors at the same time. The wise planned living sector areas, different villa’s levels, waterfalls, landscape design and the cliff front area make the family stay completely imperceptible and unique.

In addition, the private beach and the neighboring walking distance Ayana resort with its gorgeous and fascinating facilities including numerous restaurants, golf course, SPA and world know Bar on the Rock, make Aum stay is simply unforgettable.

And for those who would like to feel, taste or practice the local spirituality the cliff front area provides the unique facilities for a meditation with the energies of sun, sea, fire and the water.

Furthermore, the experience of the local massage during the sunset in the cliff front Bale will fascinate with new perceptions of enlightenment. Thus at the end of the day again, our main mission is to enlighten our visitors with the unique Balinese energies of Light, Love and Peace.

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