Bali Legal Wedding

Bali Legal Wedding

Bali Legal wedding  in Bali  for  foreigners  are  well recognized in  your home country   as long as   you fulfill all legal marriage requirements needed by Indonesian  registry office .There are some citizen of certain country  have been done legal marriage in Bali like Australian,Deutch, British , American ,hongkong ,indian, Singaporean, Malaysian , philipinos and many other country

Bali legal wedding Rules

Bali legal wedding base on Indonesian Marriage law number one year 1974 that  at the same time a husband may only have one wife and wife may only have one husband . The marriage can be legally registerred by Bali registry officeif the couple already possesed  a religious  marriage base on the religion recognized in Indonesia , those are : Christian , Catholic ,Buddhism, Hindu , Konghucu.All religious ceremony rites are full responsible of each religion .There is another requirement needed by each  religion in order the wedding couple  could have a religious marriage .additionally  the registry office also request some documents  in order your religious marriage can be registerred such as : copy passport , copy birth certifificate , letter of non impediment of marriage .all document which are in foreign language must be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by  a sworn translator .

Letter of non impediment of marriage

Each country has different  rule and process  on how to issue this kind of letter and also the name of this letter  are vary  but the content almost the same . The  main core  no objection of marriage letter.

What need to do after marriage in Bali

It is depend on your nationality , for some country automatically accept your bali marriage certificate  and for some country need further effort of legalization by Indonesian  foreign affairs , Indonesian Judicial affairs , Your Embassy and  translation of your marriage certificate as well .List of country need further   legalization :Germany,Phillipine , Italia , Spain ,Ducth ,Malaysia .country no request further legalization : British , australia , America ,Singapore.This information is base on the date issued , it may change some time . before you confirm your wedding in Bali , please get our update information from our wedding planner team

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