Bali legal Marriage

Legal Marriage Paper

Bali is one of  the wedding  destination in the world,where the couple  may have their religious marriage, wedding commitment and also legal wedding . For the legal wedding  requires some legal marriage paper  to be prepared prior to  your arrival in Bali .Your Bali wedding planner will assist you  for  further information of  any document required, proceed your document to registry office.Bali wedding planner also accompany you to consulate office once obtain  your letter of non impediment of marriage 

Bali Legal Marriage Requirement

Bali Legal marriage requirement for British wedding  couple who plan to get married in  Bali need to prepare the following  documents : copy passport,birth certificate,Swear affidavit.Swear affidavit can be obtained in Britishconsulate in Bali advance appointment and payment is required.The Birth certificate,absolute divorce letter if any need to be translated into Bahasa Indonesia by a sworn translator

Bali Legal Wedding Services for Foreigners

Bali legal wedding for foreigners that we have featured Bali Legal wedding for Australian, American, British,Dutch,Deutch,Belgium,France,Italia,India,Singapore,Phillipine,Russian So what happened with other nationality, our answer is most of the foreigner are possible getting married legally in Bali, bellow is the information

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