Wedding Villas Bali

Wedding villas Bali means a collections of villas wedding  in Bali which are able to cater the venue for wedding, these wedding villas has been designed base on the need of wedding party both for ceremony and reception venue. Wedding villas should provide a standard facilities for holding an event or wedding. The following should be available at wedding Villas or villas wedding.

  • Access, the access we mean is access for both guest and also vendor. A well-planned wedding villas has different entrance for guest and also for vendors.
  • Parking Premises, sufficient parking premises for vendors are required
  • Preparation rooms, preparation room for vendor like florist, catering is some thing meaningful
  • Guest toilet also has a very important role for a comfortable event in a vila.
  • Sufficiant electricity power sources is required but this matter can be shifted with a generator 
  • Space for holding event can be an outdoor or indoor

Where is the location wedding Villas

Wedding villas can be found in most destination area, such as villas in Uluwatu, Canggu, Ubud, Jimbaran, Karangasem, Lembongan, Tabanan, Singaraja, and beyond Bali such as in Lombok. Wedding in the villas gives more benefits such as you might be able to arrange a private wedding, only you and your guest are there.


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