Wedding Commitment Ceremony

Tempat Nikah dan Resepsi Murah di Bali

Bali Wedding Commitment packages in affordable cost.

Bali wedding commitment is an option for  non legal and religious wedding celebration in Bali .Many people knew that Indonesia is composed by Many religions and ethnics however for those couple which is not strongly holding any religion and wish to celebrate, to express their eternal love to their beloved partner can be carried out in Bali and choose “Bali Wedding Commitment“. The Bali wedding commitment that has no any legal binding, the issued certificate just for a commemorative certificate only. This type of ceremony can be also be selected by the couple who legally been married or their marriage been registered in their country but never hold any wedding party or exchange vows or ring. So Bali wedding commitment is recommended.

Any Document required for Bali wedding commitment packages

Bali wedding commitment nor part of religious or legal wedding , so none of document required except copy of your passport.Bali wedding commitment packages include ceremony  performed by a celebrant which has no denomination to any religion.Your bali wedding commitment  can be carried out in any bali wedding places

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