Water Wedding

Bali Water wedding

Water Wedding 

Water wedding is recently becoming a trend of wedding venue, why is water wedding so interesting? Three important aspects in our living are sun, air  and water. Once these three elements are in best condition, our life will feel peaceful and in harmony. So let we look after these three elements for our living. Water wedding with clear water and blue ocean background, sunset or sunrise background, blue mountain background is so beautiful. Many wedding couple is interested to water wedding in Bali with this view or background .


How to plan water wedding 

Water wedding can be arranged in a swimming pool customizely. Once your found your wedding venue please let us know and we are glad to make your best water wedding. However before you book your venue for water wedding, you need to ensure to the villa management whether it is possible to make a floating stage on their pool. Some villas, or hotels may not allow any set up of floating stage on their pool for certain reason. Other point need to be ensured is enough time for setting up the floating stage. Normally the floating stage is set up one day prior to the wedding and you need to hire the villas or venue minimum 2 nights.

List of venue that allow for water wedding 

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