Villas For Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding is a uniq wedding procession with rich  of tradition of every region in india,Bali as a destionation wedding for Indian wedding bride both come from india directly or coming from other country , choosing a suitable villas for foreigner is not a simple matter as  they do not know exactly  about villa`s location, lay out and many other aspect might be required for an indian wedding venue .what you need to consider for Indian Villas wedding ? Space size   of course need to be  considered  and  ensure able to accomodate your guest , hotel near by villa to accomodate your  guest if  it is a big wedding , access for vendor,access for  transportation  and many other point .Bellow are villas need to be considered:

Villa Majapahit , in total with 10 bedrooms , you can accomodate  your guest at hotel in sanur area  or other villas near by,we have arrange a wedding package at Majapahit villas 


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