Refundable Security Deposit

refundable security deposit

What is Refundable security Deposit?Wedding in private villas in Bali is a privilege for wedding couple, it is like your private own house.Most of the private villas are located in the villages as neighbor of local community. To hold a villa wedding event might be charged some fees like Security Deposit .Most of private villas owner apply this kind of fee once hold an event, it is to cover if any damage occurs  by the  event , damage by guest attend the party .

How much is Refundable security Deposit ?

Each Villa has their own rule for the amount of refundable security  deposit. The amount of deposit is determined by Villa management .The amount is vary

How do I pay this fee

It is depending on the rules of the villas,some villas may charge you in advance   which is settled together will villa rental. Some villas may debit you upon check in the villas. The payment can be settled in cash or guaranteed by swift your credit card.

Do I get my money back?

A day after the event ,the villas management will inspect the villas and if any damages found , it will be calculated  the valued in front of customer and It will be deducted  from your security deposit .The balance of total cost will be  refunded to you .Time of refund is depend on the rule of each  villas .please refer to the contract issued by  your wedding planner , agencies or villas .if no damage at all , 100 % of your security deposit will be refunded

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