Recommended Bali Wedding Villas

Recommended Bali wedding villas

Recommended  Bali Wedding Villas

Bali wedding villas  as one of those option Bali wedding venue , Bali wedding villas can be found in some area in Bali,in south Bali  called nusa dua  and surrounding area like sawangan beach , pandawa beach , uluwatu.Other area also offer many villas for wedding  like in Seminyak , Canggu, Prerenan, cemagi and tanah Lot .Other area near sanur  along the coast of sanur stand some villas  for wedding as well .The wedding packages in each villas  might  in various prices

Why Wedding in  recommended Villas

 We are as  a leading wedding planner  in Bali knew the qualification of villas wedding either for intimate wedding or a fat big wedding. Especially for  big wedding you need to consider  the following  point :

Vendor access to the villas

Vendor access  as an  important Key rule  for a successful event , doing a wedding in a difficult  access  to villa will effecting the cost of your villas wedding packages.

Back up  venue in the Villas 

Back up venue or space fordoing wedding during rainy season or event in the villas isanotherqualification or consideration villas wedding . The Back upset upis on additionalor on top of your wedding packages otherwise have been mentioned on your initial package quotation .

Capacity  Villas wedding

You may choose the villas base on your need ,villas view , distance to nearest restuarants for yourdine outwith your familyand friends during Visits Bali

Power supply in the villas 

Power supply in the villas is just for existing lighting in the villas.A Generator is requiredfor Power sourcesof your additional lightings for entertainments , ambient lighting ,sound System,outside catering

Parking Premises at the villas 

A fat wedding or big weddingandbig number of guest which stays at other hotel and they may hire or ride the cars , so at this point must be prepared adequate parking lotand person who will take care of the parking arrangements


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