The Purnama Wedding Chapel

The Purnamá chapel is derive from Balinese words which mean full moon, if you are visiting Bali, this full moon is one of the holy day for most of Hinduism and during this full moon many Hindu follower will go to the Temple for a celebration or praying.

In Bali the full moon is coming every 30 days or 15 days after the dark moon.Many parent also take name of “Purnama” for the name of their son because it is believed the light of full moon can give the peacefulness in their live, not to strong lighting but enough light which can reflect to the behavior of the children, the seminyak also toke the name of Purnama of their wedding chapel. this wedding chapel located in the beach front, west side of seminyak and possible to do a sunset wedding. The Purnama chapel located with the the seminyak resort which also can accommodate your group while you celebrate your wedding.

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