Planning A Wedding In Bali

Planning a wedding Party in Bali ?

What is the customs rule in Bali  as  I want  to bring some alcoholic  beverages and other item for my wedding in Bali ? Bali is a great place for  holding any event including wedding party  start from wedding ceremony up to wedding dinner party.Organizing a wedding In Bali  you are as  visitors or   holiday and wedding to  Bali  and we recommend  to hire a professional wedding Planner . Your wedding planner  may assist to organizer all of your wedding need and some information you may need  like what is the rule at the airport  or custom rule once you  bring any souvenirs , Alcohol from your country .You need to know all these rule  before you  arrive Bali , or  for the rule of the custom office you may also visit the official website   of Indonesian  Custom office  or call Beacukai  office , here are some rules you need to know :

Can I brings food or Beverages?

Some foods and Beverages are allowed but restricted as bellows

  • Alcoholic beverages is allowed only one litre per adult passenger ( only for  21 Years old above )
  • Cigarettes is only allowed 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, 100 grams of sliced tobacco or other tobacco products (only for 18 years old above)
  • Raw food (vegetable, fruit, seeds, and meat) is required permission from Quarantine in Country of Origin and Indonesia Quarantine.
  • Please be aware of Quarantine concern goods such as animal, fish, plant, are obligated to be included with Quarantine permission from abroad and Indonesia.CAN I BRING MEDICINE INTO INDONESIA OR BALI ?
  • Should you really need your personal medicine once travel to Bali? you may bring it  but it is obligated to be declared in Customs Declaration and highly suggested to present the doctor’s prescription with the same dosage or amount that is prescribed or recommended. Keep in mind, medicine contain with narcotics and marijuana will be executed.

How Much Cash money I can bring into Bali?

During  digital  era , cash money  may no need necessary be brought one you travel  to Bali and in Bali you can find some  ATM which   you can withdraw local currency but  if you need to bring cash  it will be a limitation  applicable, should you bring more than  IDR 100.000.000 or  equal to  US$ 7000 is obligated  to declare in customs Declaration  ( CD form ) .The failure  to declare it, administration  penalty is applicable  around 10 % from the amount of cash , in accordance to  regulation of Indonesia Ministry of finance number 100 in 2018

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