Planning Indian Wedding Bali

Planning Indian wedding in Bali?

Planning Indian wedding from abroad is slightly challenging and need some effort however this job can be assigned to your Bali wedding Planner based in Bali. To prepare a wedding quotation requires so much effort is a common thing but there is a cost on it.

How you can get our quotation?

By proving us some information’s, we may arrange a quotation for you and an initial deposit of US$ 200 is required to be sent to our account, we will send the invoice to you. Should you wedding is materialize with Bali Shuka then your Deposit of US$ 200 can be use as deposit to pay our wedding planner services.

What are includes on our wedding planner services fee

Wedding planner services fee is much depended on wedding arrangement you plan, you may specify the services you want as on the following list:

  • Room bookings to hotels for wedding couple and guest
  • Pick up services at the airport and transfer service to Airport
  • Wedding venue required hotel or villas
  • How many days of event do you want
  • Welcome dinner
  • Haldi ceremony and   lunch or dinner function
  • Henna and Sangeet dinner
  • Photography and video
  • Hairs do and make up artist
  • Morning or late afternoon Hindu wedding Ceremony followed lunch or dinner
  • Decoration for welcome dinner, Haldi, henna, lunch, dinner
  • Organizing Catering
  • Sound system and entertainment




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