Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Muslim Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Muslim Wedding in Bali

Muslim Wedding can be conducted for Muslim follower only or can be said both bride and groom must be Muslim as well Muslim wedding  in Indonesia has a specific rule which mean  the Muslim religious wedding is automatically recognized and registered at Muslim Religion affairs , the married certificate issued by  Muslim religion affairs   or KUA called “Buku Nikah  “

Is foreigner can get married in Muslim

All Muslim follower may  get married in Indonesia as long as they fulfill all marriage requirement .Those are: copy passport , copy birth certificate , proof as Muslim ,letter of non Impediment of marriage  issued by Embassy or consulate office  based in Indonesia ,shoulder photo, two witness .The witness must be a man and they are Muslim .

Muslim Mix marriage

Muslim mix marriage mean ,either  the groom is Muslim Indonesian and bride is Muslim from other  country  or Bride from Indonesia and groom other country .It can  be arranged  as long as they both provide all paper works required

Where is the Muslim wedding taken place

The muslim wedding can be taken place in KUA office , Mosque ,Villa , Hotel and other respective places .Further question and wedding arrangement,please liaise with our wedding planner

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