Mixed Marriage In Bali

mixed marriage in bali

Planning Wedding in Bali and Marry Indonesian bride?

Reffer to the married law that a marriage can be legally registered by Indonesian Registry Office or called "Catatan Sipil" once both bride and groom has performed religious marriage. Each religious marriage rule is defined by each religion, they have their own ceremonial rite to be followed. There are six religions recognized by our goverment, those are: Christian, Catholic, Hinduism, Budhism, Moslem, Konghuchu/Confucius. Muslim Wedding or moslem religion has their own special rule and the wedding is legally recognized without any further registration by Registry Office.

What documents are required

For legal marriage registration by Indonesian Registration Office, if you are a foreigner groom, those are:

  • Valid Copy passport 
  • Copy birth certificate with translation by a sworn translator
  • Letter of non impediment of marriage issued by embassy office or concern office in your country and legalized by Indonesian embassy in your country or issued by your embassy or consulate based in Indonesia. Each country has different rule on issuing the Letter of non impediment of marriage
  • A report letter about your domicile in Indonesia or Bali issued by local police office
  • Fill wedding application form generated by Registry office
  • Attached religious marriage certifcate (not applicable for muslim wedding)
  • Copy ID of your marriage during religious marriage
  • Shoulder photos size 4 x 6 cm, with red background.

What documents are required for religious wedding

For religious wedding you need to tell us in what religion you are going to take, please consult with your wedding consultant



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