Marriage Course Prior Wedding

Marriage courses prior to wedding

Pre nuptial Marriage course

Why pre nuptial course prior married important?

Marriage is not only unity of two person but  it is unity of two families.Between one person to one another  must have  differences of  Living ,culture  and habit. Understand each other for bride and groom are take time .Especially for bride and groom which is coming from different country, different culture. Different family`s habitual.

Culture different becoming big wall for new family

Marriage course  will give you further key of success  destroy the  gap of culture and try to open  you mind to accept these differentials  in order  you can  continue your relationship as husband and wife .Once each you  understand ,aware  and try to accept this culture different  by study each other  and you will able to continue your relationship .

Change bad Habitual to meet your partner expectation

You do not need to change yourself to be what your partner want but at least you try to know what your partner did not like or what your partner hate. It must be done without order from your partner but  you  mind try to be sensitive to your partner .

Every married couple has problem

Every new wedded couple  during living together  have problem in various  size but you need to find out  the way out by no find out who is wrong and want to be winner , Every human has egoism but  how to manage it, Honesty  has important rule as well,respect each other needs . These  key will assist you for a sustainable  relationship.

Hope  this article help  you  in preparing your future relationship

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