Looking for Bali Wedding Chapel

Are you looking for Bali Chapel?

Looking for Bali chapel for your wedding in Bali?, you have visited the right site. For you who are currently planning a wedding in Bali perhaps find it quite hard to choose which chapel that is great for your wedding especially for you who has never been to Bali before, we offer various chapel for your Bali wedding venue.

There are many chapels scattered in Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran with various style and price. Hope our information can enable you and reduce your headache in planning your Bali Wedding. In Nusa dua you can find Wiwaha chapel, Eternity, Nine Cloud chapel, bit further to north of Nusa Dua called Tanjung Benoa you can find Infinity and Mirage chapel.

Jimbaran area and Uluwatu is another developing wedding area in south Bali, in Jimbaran you can find Tresna, Astina; Flamingo in pecatu; Tirtha, Blue point and the Ritual in Uluwatu. In Seminyak, you can find Purnama chapel and one chapel in Sanur called Diamond.

Is chapel mostly chosen for wedding venue?

It is a hard question to be answered, sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on your wedding desire. For those wedding couple who are not used to a hot climate chapel might be great choice due to most of the chapel are air-conditioned except Mirage chapel that is with natural sea breeze. Chapel is a save venue option during rainy season which fall normally in October to April eventhough it will not rain every day.

Can we bring our own flower to the chapel?

Some chapel might not allow you to bring your own florist but some chapel allow you to bring your own florist with some additional fee or entrance fee. The amount of the fee is various depend on the rule of each wedding chapel

What wedding package are the chapel offered?

Wedding packages offered are vary start from simple up to full packages and customize package. Further detail on wedding packages you may consult with our wedding consultant

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